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Exclusive to Everything Mom and Baby, Prairie Love Waldorf Dolls are made by mom.
in Manitoba for Everything Mom and Baby these little baby Waldorf dolls are the perfect gift or first doll for your child.  They are heirloon quality and one of a kind.  A soft and cuddly doll, made of  cotton plush fabric and stuffed with animal welfare friendly wool sourced from a sheeps farm in Manitoba. 

A Waldorf doll is doll based on the principles Waldorf education which seeks to enliven a child's imagination. Waldorf dolls are typically handmade of natural fibers, usually with cotton knit skin and stuffed with wool, crafted using traditional dollmaking techniques which originated in Europe. The facial features of a Waldorf doll are left intentionally simple, usually with two embroidered eyes and a hint of a mouth. Some Waldorf dolls have no facial features at all! This allows a child use his or her own imagination. Without rigid features and a fixed plastic expression, a child can imagine a Waldorf doll to to be happy or sad; laughing or crying. Their soft bodies and natural fibers make them nourishing to a young child's senses, and warm and cuddly to hold.



Prairie Love Twinkle Star Waldorf Doll Bletilla-
Prairie Love Twinkle Star Waldorf Doll Bletilla
Prairie Love Twinkle Star Waldorf Doll Huechera-
Prairie Love Twinkle Star Waldorf Doll Huechera
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