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Kim McIntosh Thursday September 29, 2011
I just received the Pippalily Swaddle blanket from Everything Mom and Baby. I am amazed at how luxurious and beautiful the fabric is. This would make an excellent shower or new baby gift. Thank you for making unique, earth friendly, and Canadian products available to us.
Linda Grioux Saturday August 20, 2011
Thank you to Erica who made my first time CDing a breeze. She answered every question I had and then some. You are treated like a friend instead of a sale:) Everything was pkgd with care. You can definitely tell she is a Mommy!! Will order from here in the future for sure! Thanks again Erica!!
From: Ottawa,ON
Natalya Rougas Saturday August 20, 2011
Whenever I need to make a purchase for my 2.5 year old son or buy a baby-related gift for our friends, my fist information resource is Erica and her Everything Mom and Baby online shop. E-gift card is a particularly convenient option that I loved to use. It is fast and intuitive purchasing process and it feels good to promote the products that are Eco-friendly, sustainable and alternative to mass products available elsewhere. I also like the idea of supporting a local business.
From: Toronto,ON
Gillian Agres Wednesday August 17, 2011
I absolutely love all the products I have purchased from Everything Mom and Baby, including Purple Prairie sunscreen, AMP inserts, Best Bottom diapers and the wonderful Manduca carrier. When I contacted Erica with questions about carriers, she let me try a couple different brands out of her personal stash so I could make a more educated decision. I always receive excellent customer service from Erica, and it is a pleasure to shop at Everything Mom and Baby :)
From: Toronto,ON
Rae Truong Sunday August 14, 2011
I ordered 3 Charlie bananas from Erica (we are a PF and cover family but thanks to her amazing prices, we were able to try out the pockets!) and I received them within days...she even sent us a little surprise with out package! She also provides great customer service! I'll post pics of baby in his hot pink CB diapers soon :). I would definitely recommend her store to everyone
Aleasha C. Sunday August 14, 2011
I received the Purple Prairie Sunstick and love it! It is a very fast mess free way to apply sunscreen to your little one. The customer service at Everything Mom and Baby is also fantastic. I would recommend this shop to everyone!
From: British Columbia
Shannon Thursday August 11, 2011
I just got my Kemby bag in the mail and I LOVE IT ALREADY!!! lol had to take the munchkin out for a walk to the library and it was awesome! Baby enjoyed being close to me but still seeing what was going on in front of us. No strain on my back or legs and I always had 2 hands free which is very rare nowadays :-D thank you Soo much for introducing me to this bag!!
From: Ontario
Angie Thursday July 14, 2011
First of all I love Everything Mom and Baby, and I don't even have children! Great ideas on what's new out there and for buying shower gifts etc. I am always in search of a great bug spray as I have to wear it everyday in the summer on hikes etc. So I decided to try Purple Prairie Bug Stuff, and it is amazing. The lotion not only moisturizes but keeps bugs away! I have sensitive skin and usually anything with scents makes my skin go crazy, but this works great! Love it, the scent is strong but actually is quite soothing to the senses.
From: Rockwood,Ontario
Gillian Saturday June 18, 2011
Erica, thank you for taking the time to answer my questions and offer advice regarding cloth diapering at night. You are very knowledgeable about the wonderful products you carry, and it is evident that you care about and value your customers. It's a pleasure to purchase from Everything Mom and Baby!
From: Toronto
Julia Saturday June 18, 2011
Erica from Everything Mom and Baby Shop is such a wonderful retailer! She is so personable and extremely helpful. I can count on Erica to give me honest opinions about what to get (and what not to get!) based on what is best for my situation. I absolutely LOVE the Purple Prairie sunscreen, which, as a natural sunscreen junkie, is saying A LOT! I also ordered the AMP swim diapers and 3 layer hemp inserts, which I haven't tested out yet, but have confidence will work for us. Erica and I even spoke about my cloth diaper repelling issues and she gave me samples out of her own stash of what she uses to try, even though she doesn't sell those items! On top of all that, Erica gave me a Charlie Banana one sized cloth diaper to review! I love that Erica takes the time to help me out. I also love her good eye for useful, cutting edge products. Oh, because of Erica, I'm also a proud owner of the absolutely amazing Manduca carrier. Thanks Erica!
From: Markham, ON
Ria Sunday May 22, 2011
Hi Erica, I LOVE the Manduca carrier...I walked for an hour yesterday with my son in it. He was so comfy that he felt right asleep, and I was super comfy too, especially knowing his head was supported and his body was in a healthy position. Thanks again:) Ria
From: Toronto,ON
Tracy Ouellette Wednesday March 23, 2011
I love the Zoe's products. The baby balm comes in so handy and works so well on keeping the baby's dry, red cheeks soft and protected. I also love the extreme cream. I use it on some of the really rough patches on both kids. The extreme cream really soothes and protects these areas while the skin heals. I have also tried the diaper balm on the baby once in awhile and his little redness clears up immediately. Believe it or not, I even use a bit of the diaper balm on my fingers that get so dry and cracked open....the stuff really works wonders for all sorts of skin conditions. Thanks for recommending this line to me Erica!! My family thanks you :O)
From: Stellarton, Nova Scotia
Lisa Marshall Friday January 28, 2011
Everything Mom and Baby is an amazing shop to do business with. Erica is prompt and personable and is full of integrity. Customer service is incredibly important to her, and it shows. I found Everything Mom and Baby due to a BabyHawk Mei Tai giveaway that she hosted in October 2010, and I've been a fan of her blog and shop ever since. I trust her reviews, and I hope to purchase more ecofriendly and baby approved products from her in the near future. Thanks to her shop, I can affordably obtain products that I would never dream to be able to purchase here in NL, Canada. Cheers and best wishes Erica!
From: Newfoundland
Rebecca Monday January 24, 2011
Since the start of your shop I've been enjoying all of your products. Today I received my latest purchase econuts and Zoe organic lip balm. Well the lip balm was just the ticket. And was skeptical on the econuts but to my great surprise they work!!! Wow my daughter new sweater I thought I write off. I forgot that it was in the basket and hadn't yet treated it for the stains. When I realized what I did I felt faint but to my astonishment no stain when I removed from the washer. Woo hoo! Thank you for all the great products you carry and the fast service.
From: Ottawa
Vanessa Friday January 21, 2011
This morning my husband gave our son a bath as usual and I reminded him to put a satchel of the bath tea in the water. It's an awesome product! It left my son's skin soft and smooth and even tamed his hair a little. My son is still smelling sweet from his soak this morning. The scent of the bath tea is really amazing it lasts a really long time and is a delight! It looks like their might be some discussion around who gets to use the 2nd bath tea bag. hehe I think the only negative is the packaging it would be nice if it was either reuseable or recycleable. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try this unique bath product out!
From: Nanaimo,BC

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