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Traveling with kids comes with an array of pain points for parents. For one thing, there’s So. Much. Gear. And for another, travel days can come with lots of standing around and waiting, such as in snaking airport security lines and at congested check-in counters. A scooter suitcase can help address both of these well-known challenges at once.

Just as it sounds, a scooter suitcase is a piece of luggage that converts to a scooter by folding out a standing deck. It’s a way for kids to get excited about carrying their own bag — and to build independence in the process — and also a way to keep them busy and entertained when they encounter long distances and long waits. Some even have a detachable scooter so they can use it at the final destination to ride around parks and burn some of that wild kid energy.

Here are five scooter suitcases beloved by parents, all available for under $150 on Amazon right now.

Kiddietotes Hardshell Scooter Luggage


This hardshell scooter suitcase is Amazon’s Choice in the category, with hundreds of favorable reviews from satisfied shoppers. The whimsical, three-dimensional exterior is durable and scratch resistant, and the telescoping handle is sturdy and made to last. 

The bag is lightweight and waterproof, with interior cross straps to keep contents tidy and secure in transit. A slip-resistant deck promotes safe scootering; it folds and locks in place when not in use, converting into a conventional roller travel bag. With folded dimensions of 13.5 inches by 8.5 inches by 19.5 inches, this scooter suitcase fits in overhead bins even in smaller planes.

This suitcase is “a game changer for travel with kids,” according to one five-star reviewer. “It’s big enough to fit all of our kid’s clothes for four days, and he can still ride and control it at the airport.”

To buy:, $150 

Honey Joy Kids’ Scooter Luggage


This 18-inch roller suitcase folds out to a scooter with 60-degree tilt steering and an anti-slip handle and aluminum deck. LED lights on the wheels light up in motion — no batteries required. The suitcase has a six-liter storage capacity with a mesh zippered pocket for sorting and organizing; inside straps keep cargo secure. When folded, the 13-by-10-by-20-inch dimensions fit either in the overhead bin or even under the seat. To unfold, just press the button on the handle and lift to lock in place. (Note that the scooter cannot be detached from the bag for separate use.) 

“The material is durable and light,” according to one “very satisfied” five-star reviewer, with the ideal amount of interior space for a 6 year old. Choose from bumble bee, lady bug, or robot styles.

To buy:, $101 with on-site coupon (originally $106)

Zinc Flyte Flamingo Scooter Suitcase


This lightweight cabin-sized pull-along case comes with a flip-out deck, so kids can ride it, pull it, or carry it. It’s designed so the deck is recessed into the case when it’s folded in, for space-saving efficiency. Choose from styles (at varying price points and availability) including flamingo, nesting doll, unicorn, llama, penguin, space man, panda, or sleek blue. Complete dimensions are approximately 19 by 13 by 10 inches. 

“My daughter used this for our latest holiday and she loved it!” wrote a five-star reviewer. “It didn’t take her long to get used to the steering and she was carrying all of her toys without realizing! Great little bag and also entertainment for when you’re hanging around at airports.”

To buy:, $124

Lascoota Scooter Suitcase


With a weight capacity of 110 pounds and cool, tween-friendly designs, this scooter suitcase is a good pick for bigger kids. Choose from a checkered motif, popsicle game controller, or spaceman designs. 

The wheels feature built-in LED lights, and the wide deck allows for sturdy scooting. Buckle cross straps and a partition compartment keep the inside organized and secure while on the go. Carry on this scooter bag, which has overall dimensions of approximately 24 by 15 by 19 inches.

“I have to say, I’m impressed!” writes one five-star reviewer. “The scooter suitcase is lightweight and easy to maneuver, but also feels durable. I highly recommend it.”

To buy:, $130

Scootz Scooter Luggage for Kids


Unlike other versions on our list, this one actually detaches to create two distinct pieces that can be used independently when preferred: a suitcase and a scooter. Measuring in around 20 by 14 by 12 inches, this case fits in the overhead bin or under the seat. It weighs in just over nine pounds, with a cute unicorn print, an adjustable handle, a strong and sturdy exterior zipper, and light-up LED wheels. 

“My six-year-old loved scooting around and we could make it to gates much easier,” writes a five-star reviewer who appreciated the convenience and generous storage capacity. “No dragging the kiddo around and rushing. It was easy for him to maneuver. Love the lights on the wheels.” 

To buy:, $135

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