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The historic architecture and palpable charm of Savannah, Georgia make it one of the most beautiful cities in the South. Live oaks dripping in Spanish moss loom over beautiful town squares, and 18th- and 19th-century homes abound, from those in the symmetrical Federal and Georgian styles to more ornate Greek and Gothic Revival structures. Savannah’s thriving culinary scene is a draw as well, as are its riverside attractions and unique boutiques. 

Thanks to its coastal location, Savannah has a relatively moderate climate much of the year, so long as you don’t mind a dash of humidity. Of course the weather impacts when out-of-towners tend to visit. High season runs from March to July, shoulder season is August to December, and low season is January and February.

Spring brings azalea blooms and the lion’s share of tourists, but don’t overlook the shoulder season, says Amanda Marks, a Les Clefs d’Or concierge at Thompson Savannah. “I love our fall weather, and recommend coming to Savannah in November before Thanksgiving.”

Keep reading for more details on the best times to visit Savannah for fantastic weather, smaller crowds, lower prices, and more.

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Best Times to Visit Savannah for Smaller Crowds

“In my 20 years living here, I’ve found that Savannah is most crowded in spring (March, April, and May) and fall (September, October, and early November),” Marks said. So if you’re looking to browse The Paris Market or make your way down River Street with fewer people, consider booking your trip in January or February. Marks says that January is the quietest month in terms of travelers, but that some attractions may be closed this time of year, too.

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Best Times to Visit Savannah for Good Weather

Savannah’s best weather comes in spring and fall. Temperatures range from the high 50s to the mid-80s from March to June, and trees and flowers — most notably, azaleas — come into bloom and create a lush scene of greens and light pinks. Travel prepared by dressing in layers, and be sure to pack a rain jacket or umbrella this time of year as well. “Nearly every afternoon, at around 3 p.m., it will rain for 30 to 40 minutes,” Marks said. But don’t let a little rain deter you. “Savannah is beautiful during and right after the rain. When the Spanish moss is draped with raindrops, it sparkles in the sun,” Marks explained. 

If you can’t swing an early spring trip, Perry Lane Hotel staffer and lifelong Savannah resident Mandy Heldreth says to aim for June. You might eek in a trip just before the higher temperatures and humidity arrive, which tends to be in July and August.

The autumn portion of Savannah’s shoulder season, from mid-September to mid-November, gives way to travel-friendly weather once more. Heldreth says that this is when “the city begins to cool off” again, with daytime temps in the low 70s.

Best Times to Visit Savannah for Lower Prices

No surprise, Savannah’s off-season brings fewer visitors and therefore less demand and lower prices on accommodations. “When visiting in the off-season — before President’s Day, during the summer, or from November through the end of the year — more savings can be had, and exploring the city may be more enjoyable and easier to navigate with less foot traffic around,” Marks said. 

Best Times to Visit Savannah for Events and Festivals

Like its neighbor to the north, Charleston, Savannah hosts a variety of events and festivals during the spring and fall. “St. Patrick’s Day is considered a holiday in Savannah,” Marks said, “and while many attractions and tours are closed, we do have a fantastic parade to watch and enjoy.” Music and art are also a large part of local culture — the city is home to Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) — and spring celebrations include the Savannah Music Festival and the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival. “The art students gather in Forsyth Park and draw on the sidewalks, creating beautiful masterpieces for everyone to enjoy,” Marks said of the latter. 

In September, Savannah Jazz Festival’s live performances are held at Lucas Theatre, the Ships Of The Sea Maritime Museum, or Forsyth Park over the course of a week. October has its own set of events and festivals, too, including SCAD Savannah Film Festival, Savannah Pride, and the Savannah Greek Festival. 

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Worst Times to Visit Savannah 

The months of July and August are known for sweltering temperatures and oppressive humidity, so unless you love heat, it’s best to avoid visiting during this stretch of summer. It’s also wise for prospective visitors to note that hurricane season runs from June to the end of November, and that brings the potential for coastal storms and flooding in parts of the city. 

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