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Golf is constantly evolving and has been exploding in popularity in recent years. Thanks to awesome designers and brands who’ve capitalized on the renewed interest, you can now find your own unique style on the course. Gone are the days of heavy, faded cotton polos; the best athleisure tech and fabrics complement modern designs to help you look like a pro (LIV or PGA Tour). 

We searched all over to find the best options no matter your priority or size, with an eye towards the cutting edge in athletic performance and the best looking shirts out there. Considering factors like cooling, quick-drying abilities, sun protection, price, and both loud and classic designs, we played a few rounds (shooting well under par of course) to determine our favorites.

Our Top PicksBest Overall:Peter Millar Jersey Polo at Petermillar.comJump to ReviewMost Comfortable:Reigning Champ Mesh Polo at Mrporter.comJump to ReviewBest Minimalist:True Linkswear Lux Polo at Truelinkswear.comJump to ReviewBest for Standing Out:Bad Birdie Hotel California Polo at NordstromJump to ReviewBest Eco-friendly:Quince Ultra-soft Performance Polo at Quince.comJump to ReviewBest Size Range:Bonobos Golf Polo at Bonobos.comJump to ReviewMost Fashion-forward:Eastside Golf Polo Shirt at Eastsidegolf.comJump to ReviewBest for a Retro Look:Criquet Classic Players Shirt at Countryclubprep.comJump to ReviewBest Sun Protection:Poncho Original at Ponchooutdoors.comJump to ReviewBest Long-sleeve:B.Draddy Longsleeve Polo at Bdraddy.comJump to Review

Best Overall

Peter Millar Crown Sport Solid Performance Jersey Polo (Sean Self Collar)

Peter Millar

View On Petermillar.comWhy We Love It

With classic on- and off-course comfort with tons of color and size options, this shirt is your go-to all year for every round.

What to Consider

Peter Millar is a stalwart of country club pro-shops, so these shirts can be a little preppy and stodgy for next-gen golfers.

We’ve played a lot of golf in many different shirts, and this is our go-to for nearly every round from spring to fall. When you want to look classic and be comfortable but also ready for swings in temperature, it’s tough to beat Peter Millar’s Solid Performance Polo. Consider it the platonic ideal of the golf shirt: It gives exactly what you want from it across all the key categories (it’s moisture-wicking, stretchy, UPF 50, and lightweight) and comes in a variety of solid colors to work with any pants, shorts, or hat combo. Plus, they’re incredibly easy to care for, as you can wash cold and tumble dry with the rest of your laundry and save on precious hanger space.

You can wear a shirt like this traveling, at work, to the top golf resorts, or at your local muni and fit right in, if not look better than most. When shopping you have lots of options (if not too many) and can cater to your specific body type with a multitude of fits and colors. We found that their classic fit is not too slim and is tailored nicely to nearly all body types.

Price at time of publish: $95

The Details: S to 3XL | 92 percent polyester, 8 percent spandex | Moisture-wicking | Antimicrobial | UPF 50

Most Comfortable

Reigning Champ Solotex Mesh Polo

Reigning Champ

View On Mrporter.comView On Reigningchamp.comWhy We Love It

The unique Solotex mesh weave is as soft and lush as possible while staying as breathable and moisture-wicking as any other golf shirt.

What to Consider

The shirt is only available in slim fit, but it’s more generous for larger body types than it seems.

Reigning Champ is a Canadian sportswear company upleveling how good athleisure clothing can look, and their polos are no exception. All the details are thoughtful, from the unique Solotex weave to the high-quality stitching and semi-raglan sleeve style. This particular color pays homage to golf’s historic tournament with a modern look and performance feel, and it was called out by a few fellow golfers for how good it looked when we wore it on the course. We love just how breathable the Solotex mesh is on a hot day, and the shirt looks and feels as crisp after 18 as it did before we teed off. 

Price at time of publish: $115

The Details: XS to XXL | 100 percent Solotex polyester | Moisture-wicking | Fast-drying | Metal snap buttons

Best Minimalist

True Linkswear Lux Polo

TRUE Linkswear

View On Truelinkswear.comWhy We Love It

Fitted, minimal, and comfortable, this is the shirt that will make you feel like you can shoot under par and will last as long as your drives.

What to Consider

It’s more expensive and comes with less color options than our other picks.

True Linkswear is known for their comfortable and innovative footwear for the links, but they brought their attention to detail and high-end construction to the world of golf shirts. And thank Carl Spackler they did, because this shirt is a dream. Its fit is classic, but the minimalist design and unique collar makes it modern, with a look that matches its price point. But you get your money’s worth, as this shirt is built to be worn and looks just as good after repeated washes. We found it was equally as comfortable tucked in as untucked, and it justified its cost by looking as professional for the office as it does on the course.

Price at time of publish: $110

The Details: S to XXL | 45 percent tencel, 50 percent recycled polyester, 5 percent spandex | Anti-odor | No-wrinkle | Moisture-wicking | UPF 50 | Minimalist design

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Best for Standing Out

Bad Birdie Hotel California Polo

Bad Birdie

View On NordstromView On Badbirdiegolf.comView On Pgatoursuperstore.comWhy We Love It

There are a lot of golf brands making “loud” patterns, but Bad Birdie has cornered the market in quality shirts that are eye-poppingly well designed.

What to Consider

All the designs are on the same shirt, which is more limited in sizes and comes in only one athletic fit.

Not everyone can pull off wacky patterned and pop-culture-referencing shirts (we save those for headcovers and greenside conversation usually), but Bad Birdie can make you reconsider your stance, as their designs, while on the louder side, are truly cool. Coupled with the fact the shirts are as well-made as our top picks, they’re a viable option for all kinds of walkers and riders alike. We especially like their collars, which stay in place even when you’re carrying 18, and how they hold up overall on a hot day’s walk. They also look great untucked, which is a hard thing for most golf shirts to pull off.

Price at time of publish: $78

The Details: S to XXL | 88 percent polyester, 12 percent spandex | Moisture-wicking | Anti-odor | Stay-right collar | UPF 50

Best Eco-friendly

Quince Flowknit Ultra-soft Performance Polo


View On Quince.comWhy We Love It

It’s a quality, soft shirt that’s made from recycled materials and is cheaper than nearly every other on this list.

What to Consider

They have less of a range of sizes and colors than other brands.

It’s hard to understand how this Quince shirt can be so comfortable when you find out it’s one of the best-for-the-planet options out there and nearly half the price of the competition. Ultralight and genuinely good-looking, it seems almost too good to be true that it’s made from Global Recycle Standard poly yarn (which diverts and recycles plastics destined for landfill or the ocean). We spent an hour at the range in this shirt, and it felt like we were in a much more high price-point attire. Quince helps you save money and the planet, and maybe save par too.

Price at time of publish: $35

The Details: S to XL | 78 percent recycled polyester, 16 percent polyester, 6 percent spandex | Quick-drying | Moisture-wicking | Made with low-water, eco-friendly dyes

Best Size Range

Bonobos Performance Golf Polo


View On Bonobos.comWhy We Love It

With both slim and standard fits from XS to XXL, on top of the Bonobos risk-free fit guidance and try-on experience, you’ll find the right size no matter what.

What to Consider

A little thicker than the others on this list, the shirt’s fabric is performance and stretch but could feel more restrictive for your swing.

Bonobos is making a concerted push into golf-wear this year, but these performance polos have been around for a while and are a hit with lots of golfers. They’re comfortable, sturdy, and you will definitely find a size right for you (especially if you order a few with their risk-free returns or can visit a guideshop). Classic colors and unique stripe patterns can easily help you round out your wardrobe for the season. We did find them a bit on the sturdier side, so while it does have a forgiving and comfortable stretch, for a hot day it may be too much.

Price at time of publish: $89

The Details: XS to XXL | 88 percent polyester, 12 percent elastane | stretch fabric | UPF 50

Most Fashion-forward

Eastside Golf Follow Through Polo Shirt

Eastside Golf

View On Eastsidegolf.comWhy We Love It

Bringing a unique modern POV to the world of golf wear, Eastside is pushing innovative collabs and cool designs onto the course.

What to Consider

High-profile drops and collaborations cause some styles to sell out quickly.

Co-founders Olajuwon Ajanaku and Earl Cooper won a National Golf Championship together in college and turned their passion for the game into the innovative Eastside Golf. They’ve had buzzy collabs in shoes and apparel with Nike’s Jordan brand and the NBA, and their polo shirts are well-made, incredibly comfortable, and fashion-forward while nodding to the history of the game and African American culture. While the Follow Through Polo Shirt has a streetwear flavor, we enjoyed how they looked good for any kind of golfer untucked and tucked in. Best of all, they are clearly made for golfers by golfers, as the sleeves and seams take into account the bag you’ll carry and swings you’ll take during a round.

Price at time of publish: $95

The Details: S to XXL | 96 percent polyester, 4 percent spandex | Moisture-wicking | Quick-drying

Best for a Retro Look

Criquet Classic Players Shirt


View On Countryclubprep.comView On Criquetshirts.comWhy We Love It

The ‘70s inspired collar and button front are unique and handsome.

What to Consider

Their unique look may not fit all body types well, especially on hot days. 

Since 2010, Criquet has been making the Players Shirt to evoke a vintage vibe in an incredibly comfortable shirt ready for the country club or the dive bar. Unlike others on this list, these polos are 100 percent pima cotton jersey, which makes them stand out not just for their look but their feel. They are especially great for transitional spring and fall golf weather. With lots of color options and their unique removable collar stays, you can look effortlessly cool no matter the occasion. Being cotton, they are breathable but not as moisture-wicking as synthetic picks, so that’s worth considering if you’re a heavy sweater or it’s overly humid where you play.

Price at time of publish: $89

The Details: S to XXL | 100 percent pima cotton | removable collar stays

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Best Sun Protection

Poncho Original


View On Ponchooutdoors.comWhy We Love It

It’s a button-down shirt to mix-up your look, with the best sun protection we’ve tested.

What to Consider

These shirts were designed for fishing, so not all features are relevant for golf.

This one is a unique pick for golf, but bear with us. People love Poncho for a lot of reasons, including how versatile their shirts are: perfect for boating, the beach, fishing, and hot days tailgating. But for golf, their button downs are a great way to mix up your look and not sacrifice performance. Most importantly, they have the best sun protection we tested, coupled with legitimately quick-drying, breathable fabric. Little touches like magnetic closures, a microfiber sunglasses rag, and a subtle vented back make this a surprising but revolutionary option for walking 18 or drinking at the 19th hole.

Price at time of publish: $70

The Details: S to 3XL | 93 percent nylon, 7 percent spandex | Slim or original | Quick-drying | Built-in lens cloth | Zippered pocket | Ented back | UPF 50

Best Long-sleeve

B.Draddy Jack Longsleeve Polo

Saks Fifth Avenue

View On Bdraddy.comView On Saks Fifth AvenueWhy We Love It

You get comfort above all with this handsome and well-fitting long-sleeve polo from a well-loved brand.

What to Consider

The price point is a bit high for a blended fabric shirt with not many bells and whistles.

The Brothers Draddy make really comfortable polos that blend just enough performance into classic designs to bring country-club looks to the modern world. Their Jack Polo is no exception; it’s simple and soft while having enough stretch to complement your swing and is perfect for cool summer evening rounds and fall ball alike. Solid colors and favorite patterns with fitted but forgiving fits make this a hit for all kinds of golfers, especially with their myriad of collegiate logo options as well. Being mostly cotton, they’re not the most quick-drying but held up to our sweatiest rounds better than expected.

Price at time of publish: $130

The Details: S to XXL | 92 percent pima cotton, 8 percent lycra | Lightweight | Vented tail

Best Cooling

Travis Mathew Heather Polo

Dick’s Sporting Goods

View On NordstromView On Dick’sView On Golfgalaxy.comWhy We Love It

It’s the most lightweight shirt we tested and cool enough to cut down on sweating overall during humid rounds.

What to Consider

Lightweight also means thin, so there is a compromise on sun protection and how it looks on bigger torsos.

Don’t be fooled by the name, The Heater by Travis Matthews legitimately keeps you coolest of all the shirts we tested on an 85-degree day. We expect it to continue to hold up on aggressively sticky days thanks to their cutting-edge lightness and the most quick-drying fabric we tested. Even heavy sweaters will find this shirt revolutionary with how it doesn’t show or retain any water for even the longest, hottest rounds. You do sacrifice the UPF protection, and this shirt is also cut slim, so it may not be for every body type. But if you can swing the unstructured cut, it’s going to make your hot days a breeze.

Price at time of publish: $90

The Details: S to 3XL | Polyester/cotton/spandex blend | Lightweight stretch | Quick-drying

Best Quick-drying

Mack Weldon Stealth Performance Polo

Mack Weldon

View On Mackweldon.comWhy We Love It

Designed smartly for even the heaviest sweaters, this shirt has a modern performance look and feel.

What to Consider

The design is a little too tactical and fitted if you prefer a more classic look.

Beyond keeping you cool, the Mack Weldon polo knows you will sweat and does everything it can to get that moisture up and off your torso. From the body-hugging fit, to the vented seams and back, to the proprietary fabric itself, this thing would probably survive a jump in the pool and be dry a few minutes later, so it can handle even the most humid days this summer. However, the look is exceedingly modern, with the vents not subtle at all, so it’s not for everyone. That said, it’s the best at what it sets out to do in keeping you from looking like you got sprayed by an errant sprinkler on the back nine.

Price at time of publish: $88

The Details: S to XXL | 100 percent Q-NOVA recycled fibers | Quick-drying | Moisture-wicking | Ventilated back and sides

Best Collarless

Nike Dri-Fit Victory Men’s Golf Polo


View On AmazonView On Academy.comView On Dick’sWhy We Love It

It’s a modern-looking shirt with all the performance you expect from Nike.

What to Consider

Some courses still require a collar, and this look isn’t for everyone.

Nike’s iconic Dri-Fit fabric is a staple for a reason; it works well at keeping you dry and cool and fits nearly every body type. Here they have applied that to a shirt with a modern collarless look, which features a V-neck into a double button placket in some truly unique colors. Together, Tiger Woods and Nike pioneered the mock-turtleneck look on the Tour, which has evolved into styles like this and inspired a generation of new golfers to look as smart as they play. While it doesn’t quite work for every body type, we found it comfortable enough to recommend. Try it out on the next course that doesn’t require the collar.

Price at time of publish: $58

The Details: XS to 3XL | 100 percent recycled polyester | Moisture-wicking | Quick-drying

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Best Budget

Three Sixty Six Quick-dry Collared Polo Shirt


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

It has nearly all the features of more expensive brands at a price point that will let you stock up for the season.

What to Consider

There is some inconsistency in the cuts and patterns that aren’t apparent when buying.

Like with any budget pick, sacrifices have to be made, but on the whole, these Three Sixty Six polos pack a lot into such a small price point. They keep you cool, dry, and protected from the sun nearly as well as the other brands, with a familiar polyester feel and enough stretch to keep your swing unencumbered. The logo isn’t too obtrusive, and if you get the right size (which is easier with Amazon’s hassle-free returns), not many would know you got three of these for the price of a single comparable shirt from a more established brand. 

Price at time of publish: $25

The Details: S to 3XL | 91 percent polyester, 9 percent spandex | Moisture-wicking | Anti-odor | UPF 50

Tips for Buying Golf Shirts

Determine what kind of fabric is right for you

Most performance shirts are made with a polyester, which is both light and breathable while also usually quick-drying and sweat-wicking. But what it’s blended with will determine how it feels; adding spandex will make it stretchier, adding cotton makes it softer. Other fabrics dictate what the standout feature of the shirt will be: Nylon tends to be best for sun protection, and pima cotton will be the most natural. 

Know your fit preferences (and don’t forget mobility) 

While our picks have a range of sizes from XS to 3XL, there is no universal standard for sizing. Generally, a large in one brand is comparable to a large in others, but it gets less consistent as you move up and down from there. So know your measurements, and know which can be compromised with a stretchier fabric. If you’re tall and have a long torso, no amount of stretch will help the shirt be longer. Conversely, if you carry more weight in your midsection, stretch can help you fit into the right shoulder size even if it’s snug. Sticking to retailers with a good return policy helps you nail the right fit. And remember, you are participating in an active sport with these shirts, so make sure it doesn’t just feel and look good in the mirror, but also doesn’t restrict your swing or move too much as you pick up your bag and walk the course.

Dress for your personality

Dress for the round you want to have! Fashion rules apply even to golf, and it’s never been easier to live your truest self even with a dress code. So if you’re into bolder patterns, go for it. Looking for a minimalist aesthetic? Golfers live in solid colors and earth tones. But don’t be afraid to experiment; as long as you’re confident in what you wear and get the right size, there is no way to look bad. Your outfit should be an extension of your personality and connection to the game, because it should be fun at the end of the round.

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat are the best materials for golf shirts?

The best materials are the ones that match your needs, however, most high-end shirts are either a proprietary polyester blend or pima cotton. Avoid shirts that don’t say what type of material they are, and look to your favorite athleisure for a template when buying performance-based golf shirts.

Are golf shirts business casual?

Business casual is subjective and changing every day, but a studier golf shirt and slacks are the definition of “business casual.” Emerging brands doing really interesting patterns, collabs, and designs are pushing that envelope, but a tucked-in shirt with a collar makes golf shirts universally accepted for the office, the country club, and the high-end bistro. 

How is UPF different from SPF for sun protection?

The major difference between UPF and SPF is in what type of sun protective strategy they gauge: UPF measures clothing’s effectiveness and SPF measures sunscreen’s coverage. Consider UPF 50, which many of our picks claim to be, the equivalent of SPF 50 lotion, but both need to be used to truly protect yourself from the unrelenting sun that is out during a round of golf.

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

For this story, Red Fabbri tested a pro shop’s worth of shirts over the course of many ideal (and some not-so perfect) rounds of golf, sessions on the driving range, and everyday occasions indoors and outside. As a lifelong golfer and former caddy, who is as finicky about the fit and features of his shirts as he is about his putting reads, he is uniquely qualified to let you know what shirts are worth your investment. So he’s got that going for him, which is nice.

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