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Delayed and permanently lost luggage is a growing concern — and it’s not just a problem with U.S. airlines. In July 2022, a tweet of hundreds of suitcases crammed onto the floor of London’s Heathrow Airport went viral, giving everyone a very real picture of a very real problem. Many fed-up travelers have since opted into a carry-on-only lifestyle but what about folks who still want or need to check a bag? Well, that’s where smart tags and luggage trackers come in. 

Luggage trackers come in a few different forms and work using either GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular data, or a simple QR code. Unsurprisingly, they’re also often dependent on the model and operating system of your phone. One reason the Tile Pro Tracker snagged our best overall pick is its compatibility with both iOS and Android, plus the fact that it also works with voice-activated devices like Alexa and Siri, and has a Bluetooth range of 400 feet.

Want something with a little (or a lot) more range? Or maybe you’re looking for something that can update your bag’s location in real-time? Our picks for the best luggage trackers and smart tags cover several categories.

Our Top PicksBest Overall:Tile Pro Powerful Bluetooth Tracker at AmazonJump to ReviewBest for International Flights:Tracki Mini GPS Tracker at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Real-time Tracking:LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Suitcase with Built-in Tracker:Endymata Minimalist USB Smart GPS Tracker at WalmartJump to ReviewBest Luggage Tag:Dynotag Brushed Stainless Steel Smart Tag at AmazonJump to ReviewBest for iOS:Apple AirTag at AmazonJump to ReviewBest for Android:Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Plus at AmazonJump to Review

Best Overall

Tile Pro Powerful Bluetooth Tracker



View On AmazonView On DellView On DellWhy We Love It

It’s a reliable tracker tag that works with both iOS and Android as well as smart home devices like Amazon Alexa.

What to Consider

If the replaceable battery dies during transit, you will be unable to track your bags.

The Tile Pro tracker uses Bluetooth technology to locate your belongings through a phone or computer, and will keep tabs on your items through the Tile app or your home smart device if your luggage goes beyond the 400-foot Bluetooth range. We specifically love how compatible the Tile Pro is with different devices and across operating systems.

We also appreciate that there’s a loud ‘beep’ feature you can activate from the Tile app to help you locate your bag if it’s close by but not within view, and vice versa. You can double-press your tile to locate your phone, even if it’s on silent. This sound-locating feature works without a subscription. Additionally, the Tile Pro has a QR code that can be scanned to show your personal contact information so any lost and found luggage can be returned. The Tile Pro is also water-resistant (great for in-luggage spills or rainy weather), can easily loop onto your luggage, and has a battery that will last up to a year before needing to be replaced. Unfortunately, this means the battery could zonk out while on a trip and you’d lose the ability to trace your luggage.

Price at time of publish: $35 for 1

The Details: Lithium metal batteries | Subscription fee | Works with Android, iOS, and Smart Home | 2.32 x 1.32 x 0.3 inches

Best for International Flights

Tracki Mini GPS Tracker


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

It can give you real-time location updates no matter where you or your luggage may be.

What to Consider

The rechargeable battery depletes quickly when in use and the device requires a subscription to use.

Tracki GPS Tracker is small, lightweight, and equipped with a variety of attachment options including a waterproof case, a keyring, and a built-in worldwide SIM card. This tracker uses 4G LTE as well as 3G and 2G networks (the latter two are often used in remote areas or in countries with lagging available technology) along with Wi-Fi networks for worldwide GPS tracking capabilities. Choose how often this tracker sends real-time updates, but note that it will affect the rechargeable battery life. Tracki’s geo-fencing feature will send an alert to your phone if your tracker (and therefore, your bag) leaves a specific, pre-designated area that you set, like an airport or your hotel room. 

Price at time of publish: $17

The Details: Rechargeable lithium ion batteries | Subscription fee | Works with Android, iOS, and internet browsers | 1.75 x 1.5 x 0.55 inches

Best Real-time Tracking

LandAirSea 54 GPS Tracker


View On AmazonView On WalmartWhy We Love It

It’s weatherproof and has several customizable features.  

What to Consider

It’s a bit of a hassle to recharge the battery and get the device back online.

The LandSeaAir 54 GPS tracker has a sleek and discreet design that can be slipped into a luggage pocket or even a sock. Real-time updates, geofencing capabilities, and customizable phone alerts make this tracker very user friendly. It’s also weatherproof and has small lights that can be turned off or on remotely. Just keep in mind that along with a worldwide SIM, the device also comes with a high-strength magnet built in, so you’ll want to keep it away from areas where you’ve packed or store electronics. Receive real-time updates on the location of your stuff as frequently as every three seconds via 4G LTE and satellite, and view them on your phone’s maps app or computer browser. The micro-USB rechargeable battery lasts anywhere from one to two weeks with frequent updates, and up to six months on low power mode. However, recharging the device involves a few steps, including removing and reapplying the waterproof panel, and then taking the tracker out for a spin to get it back online. 

Price at time of publish: $30

The Details: Built-in rechargeable batteries | Subscription fee | Works with Android, iOS, and Apple and PC internet browsers | 2.275 x 0.945 inches

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Best Suitcase with Built-in Tracker

Endymata Minimalist USB Smart GPS Tracker at Walmart


View On WalmartWhy We Love It

The bag itself is smart, adding useful features like a self-weighing handle and a Bluetooth smart TSA lock.

What to Consider

It’s costly and only really makes sense if you’re already in the market for a suitcase.

With built-in GPS and Bluetooth tracking, this Endymata smart suitcase not only helps you locate your luggage, but it also has other smart features. We particularly like the Bluetooth TSA lock that can be opened and locked from your mobile phone. The self-weighing handle also comes in handy when trying to keep within an airline’s checked baggage weight requirements. The luggage connects to your phone via the Smart Tracker app and is detectable up to 100 feet away — which, admittedly, is only super useful in lost luggage or luggage carousel situations. Still, there’s no need for a monthly fee, making it a great choice for someone looking for a next-level piece of luggage. However, if you’re not in the market for a new suitcase, we recommend one of the other trackers on this list. 

Price at time of publish: $260

The Details: No subscription fee

Best Luggage Tag

Dynotag Brushed Stainless Steel Smart Tag


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

It’s easy to use and set up.  

What to Consider

It’s less of a luggage tracker and more of a luggage locator.

The Dynotag Brush Stainless Steel Smart Tag is the least high-tech of the picks on the list, but it still packs a punch. Each durable, stainless steel tag contains a unique QR code that can be scanned to reveal your personalized contact information. Think of it as taking the paper luggage tag to the next level. Whenever your luggage is scanned, you’ll get an alert that also includes the scanner’s IP address and any location information that they provide. We love that this tag requires no batteries and no subscription. It also comes in handy for any luggage misplaced or lost by the airline since rules state that every possible attempt must be made to locate a lost bag’s owner. There’s even an analog tag that can be slipped into a slot in case your good samaritan doesn’t have a phone with a QR reader, or use this functionality. 

Price at time of publish: $23

The Details: No batteries | No subscription fee | 3.15 x 1.73 inches

Best for iOS

Apple AirTag



View On AmazonView On WalmartView On AppleWhy We Love It

It has a replaceable battery and is one of the few trackers that works without a subscription. 

What to Consider

It can only be used with Apple products.

The AirTag is one of the most customizable smart tags on the market thanks to the wide range of AirTag holders. We also like that you can replace the battery which is pretty uncommon for Apple. The AirTag connects to iOS devices via Bluetooth and offers real-time tracking without a subscription, a rarity in the smart tag world. Though there’s no official information on what the range is, it’s commonly believed to be up to 800 feet. When out of range, the AirTag will ping off of nearby Apple devices for location. The AirTag can also display contact information when scanned by compatible devices. Once your luggage is within range, your device will guide you with a set of directions to help you get to it. It is possible to use AirTags with an Android by downloading an app that can detect nearby Bluetooth devices, but it’s not recommended — as with most Apple products this is designed for the Apple universe. 

Price at time of publish: $29 for 1

The Details: Replaceable CR2032 lithium coin batteries | No subscription fee | Works with iOS/Apple devices | 1.6 x 1.6 x 0.31 inches

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Best for Android

Samsung Galaxy Smart Tag Plus


View On AmazonView On B&H Photo VideoView On Opensky.comWhy We Love It

It’s as easy and functional as the Apple AirTag — but for Samsung Galaxy owners.

What to Consider

Location accuracy can be affected by walls or doors.

Samsung’s Galaxy Smart Tag Plus is edging to be the Galaxy version of Apple’s AirTag. This small, plastic tag works off Bluetooth to locate your luggage or bag and then guides you with directions to your tagged belongings. While some Android users may be excited to see this product on the market, beware: it’s only designed to work with Samsung Galaxy phones (and you’ll need the Galaxy S21 or newer to get the AR directions function). Although the company warns that walls, drawers, or cars may throw off location accuracy, in some cases you’ll still have the possibility to find items out of the Bluetooth 5.0’s 800-foot range via other users that subscribe to the Galaxy Find Network. 

Price at time of publish: $40 for 1

The Details: Replaceable CR2032 lithium coin batteries | No subscription fee | Works with Samsung Galaxy products | 1.54 x 1.54 x 0.39 inches

Tips for Buying Luggage Tags

Make sure they work with your device

As mentioned, like most electronics, tracking devices and smart tags are often designed to work with either iOS or Android. Some devices will work with both. Remember, there are a ton of phone manufacturers that use Android, so Android users should double-check if their specific phone and operating system is supported.

Consider where you’ll be using it

Do you travel domestically or internationally more often, or a mix of both? You’ll want to make sure you get a tracker that is capable of tracking your luggage when and where you’ll need it. Also consider whether you’ll be traveling to big cities or rural areas, as the different methods of tracking (GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and cellular data) may be affected by your location. 

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do luggage trackers work?

Luggage trackers and smart tags work in different ways, usually emitting a signal that can be picked up by a lead device and sometimes even displayed on your phone’s map app. Some trackers and tags can also track location based on nearby devices on the same network, even if your device is out of range.

Are luggage trackers allowed on planes?

Yes, luggage trackers are allowed on planes in checked luggage, but specific types of lithium batteries are not. Lithium batteries with over 100 watts of power are restricted. Here’s more information on what is and isn’t allowed by the TSA.

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