The 8 Best Travel Golf Bags of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Travel + Leisure / Karen Chen

A durable golf travel bag is essential for protecting your clubs and giving you peace of mind whether you’re traveling by car or airplane to one of the world’s best courses. While there are plenty of storage options for safely traveling with your clubs, we tested the best golf travel bags based on qualities like durability, portability, and capacity. 

Our top pick for the best golf travel bag overall is the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro golf travel bag, which thoroughly impressed us. The bag is made with durable nylon material with plenty of padding to ensure that your clubs make it to your destination safely. We were able to fit clubs, clothes, golf balls, and other accessories into the bag without any issues. If you’re looking for a hardshell case or a budget-friendly bag, we found options for a variety of categories to fit the needs of all golfers. 

Our Top PicksBest Overall:Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Budget:TourTrek TC Pro Travel Cover at Dick’sJump to ReviewMost Spacious:CaddyDaddy First Class Premium Padded Golf Club Travel Cover with Wheels at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Soft-sided:Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Durability:Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate Travel Cover with Stiff Arm at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Hybrid:CaddyDaddy Enforcer Golf Travel Bag Cover with Hard Case Top at AmazonJump to ReviewBest All-in-one:CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Travel Cover at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Portability :Izzo Golf High Roller at AmazonJump to Review

Best Overall

Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro


Club Glove

View On AmazonView On Clubglove.comView On Golfgalaxy.comOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design5/5Portability5/5Durability5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

It’s built to last with single webbing reinforcement and burst-proof construction. 

What to Consider

The bag is on the heavier side.

The Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro golf travel bag is one of the best-made travel bags we’ve seen. Fit for a weekend golf getaway, the bag can comfortably fit a set of clubs in a standard-sized carrier, golf balls, shirts, shorts, towels, and two pairs of golf shoes between the main compartment and two exterior pockets. Despite the 45-pound weight after packing, we thought the balance was evenly distributed throughout the bag and the inline skate wheels rolled smoothly and felt sturdy due to the plastic wheelbase that is designed for high-impact travel. We noted the high-quality feel of the water-resistant nylon material that adds durability to the bag, which truly feels like it will last a lifetime.

The bag is outfitted with self-lubricating YKK zippers and ITW Nexus buckles that come from a manufacturer that makes military-grade hoops, locks, and buckles. An aluminum stiff arm to reinforce the padded protection for impact during traveling is included. We flew with this bag twice in one month of testing and it still looks like it just came out of the box. The durability, functionality, and sleek design of the Club Glove Last Bag Large Pro Golf Travel Bag make it well worth the price for golfers that are planning to travel with their clubs. 

Price at time of publish: $379

The Details: 86 x 19 x 51 inches | 10.6 pounds | Wheeled | Nylon

Travel + Leisure /Karen Chen

Travel & Leisure / Karen Chen

Travel + Leisure / Kyle Tyll

Best Budget

TourTrek TC Pro Travel Cover


Dick’s Sporting Goods

View On Dick’sView On Golfgalaxy.comOur RatingsCapacity4.5/5Design4.8/5Portability5/5Durability4.8/5Value4.8/5Why We Love It

It feels lightweight whether it’s being pushed or pulled over a variety of surfaces.

What to Consider

The interior of the bag could be bigger.

The TourTrek TC PRO Travel Cover offers an abundance of protective padding and excellent portability. We think this bag is an excellent value with its durable design featuring an interior space that’s roomy enough for a set of golf clubs and two mesh pockets for accessories, as well as an exterior pocket for a pair of shoes. The cushioning is very generous and the bag feels protective and sturdy with 360-degree padding to keep your golf clubs safe whether you’re traveling by air or car. The handles are padded as well, making them comfortable to hold onto while lifting or rolling the bag. And it includes a lock and key set for an additional layer of security and peace of mind.

Weighing 6.6 pounds, this golf travel bag is lightweight and takes up less of the allotted 50-pound weight maximum that most airlines limit checked bags. While we think the interior could be a little bit bigger, this golf travel bag has high-quality features that lead us to believe it will protect golf clubs and last a long time with prolonged use, too. 

Price at time of publish: $160

The Details: 52 x 14 x 14 inches | 6.6 pounds | Wheeled | Nylon

Travel & Leisure / Chris Abell

Travel & Leisure / Chris Abell

Travel & Leisure / Chris Abell

Most Spacious

CaddyDaddy First Class Premium Padded Golf Club Travel Cover with Wheels



View On AmazonView On Tgw.comOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design4.5/5Portability4.5/5Durability5/5Value4.5/5Why We Love It

The interior has tons of room for clothing or shoes in addition to golf clubs. 

What to Consider

It has straps that are slightly uncomfortable.

The CaddyDaddy First Class Premium Padded Golf Club Travel Cover with Wheels has tons of space for not only clubs, but golf shoes, clothing, and anything else you would ever need on a golf trip as well. Since the golf travel bag weighs just 10 pounds, golfers can pack up to 40 pounds of clubs, clothes, and other accessories before reaching the general 50-pound checked bag limit for most airlines. We loved the spacious side pockets for toiletries and golf shoes, as well as the well-placed straps that can be tucked in during traveling to prevent damage.

The weight of the golf bag is mostly evenly balanced, and the wheels and handles make it easy to carry and maneuver; however, the top handle could have been a little more comfortable. The materials and the zippers of the bag feel durable and well-made. We’re confident that this bag would last a very long time and would not be something you’d have to worry about replacing anytime soon.

Price at time of publish: $200

The Details: 51 x 13 x 15 inches | 10 pounds | Wheeled | Nylon

Best Soft-sided

Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover



View On AmazonView On Academy.comView On Pgatoursuperstore.comOur RatingsCapacity4.8/5Design5/5Portability5/5Durability5/5Value4.5/5Why We Love It

There are fold-out legs in the center with wheels that make rolling the bag even easier.

What to Consider

Travelers might want to consider a stiff arm for added protection.

For golfers looking for a simple yet functional golf travel bag, the Sun Mountain ClubGlider Meridian Travel Cover is a solid option. The design of the bag includes everything you need for hassle-free packing and travel experience, including a spacious interior for a cart or stand bag, two exterior pockets, and a pull-out leg mechanism with an additional pair of wheels besides the ones at the bottom of the bag. We found it very easy to collapse the legs in and out and the bag rolled a lot more smoothly than expected.

The high-quality, durable feel of the handles on the front, bottom, and middle of the bag equally impressed us by making it a breeze to lift and maneuver comfortably. While the nylon exterior material and padding feel sturdy and durable, the bag would likely only protect golf clubs against low-impact hits.

Price at time of publish: $339

The Details: 51 x 15 x 14 inches | 8 pounds | Wheeled | Nylon

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Best Durability

Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate Travel Cover with Stiff Arm


PGA Tour Superstore

View On AmazonView On Clubglove.comView On Pgatoursuperstore.comOur RatingsCapacity4/5Design4.9/5Portability4.5/5Durability5/5Value4/5Why We Love It

It comes with a stiff arm to protect the heads of the clubs.

What to Consider

Packing the clubs was a tight fit with the length.

Traveling by air with golf clubs can be risky considering the potential for rough handling that comes with checking in luggage, but the Club Glove Last Bag Collegiate Travel Cover with Stiff Arm is made of high-quality materials and includes a stiff arm that is designed to protect gear from hard impact. The adjustable stiff arm is made of nylon plastic and lightweight aluminum, and although it doesn’t take up much room, we had to jostle the bag to get the stiff arm in with the golf clubs. With the smaller-sized interior, we appreciated the two large exterior pockets that can fit items like shoes, clothing, or sunscreen. The fully-packed bag is comfortable to carry with top, bottom, and middle straps that evenly distribute the weight of the lengthy bag and we liked how it can stand up on its own.

After flying with this Club Glove design, there weren’t any scuffs or damage to the bag. The exterior of the bag is made of water-resistant ballistic nylon fabric and the backing has single webbing reinforcement — a common fabric used for climbing, military gear, and parachutes. 

Price at time of publish: $319

The Details: 52 x 14 x 14 inches | 11.3 pounds | Wheeled | Nylon

Travel + Leisure / Karen Chen

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Best Hybrid

CaddyDaddy Enforcer Golf Travel Bag Cover with Hard Case Top



View On AmazonView On WalmartOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design4/5Portability4/5Durability5/5Value4.5/5Why We Love It

Only the top half is hardshell, which makes storing the bag much easier.

What to Consider

It feels top-heavy while carrying.

The CaddyDaddy Enforcer Golf Travel Bag Cover with Hard Case Top is designed with traveling golfers in mind, especially those who live in big cities where storage space is limited. This golf bag has a unique design where the top half is a hardshell case and the bottom half is soft-sided. The half hardshell gives you the protection you want for your clubs and we love how the bag can compress into itself, making it more space efficient for storing when not in use.

The exterior of the bag has two pockets for storing balls or shoes and although there aren’t any pockets on the inside, there was a good amount of room left over for clothes. While the hardshell top makes it slightly top heavy, the bag maneuvers well on the inline skate wheels at the bottom, and the top, bottom, and center handle make it easy to lift the bag into a car or onto a weight scale at the airport. 

Price at time of publish: $180

The Details: 51 x 13 x 13 inches | 9 pounds | Wheeled | Nylon

Travel + Leisure / Allison Widmer

Best All-in-one

CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Padded Golf Travel Bag Cover


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This bag includes large pockets that can store all of your extra gear.

What to Consider

The sides aren’t padded, so you may want to add cushioning to protect your clubs.

For frequent travelers or golfers who want a bag that can store even their bulkiest gear, this CaddyDaddy bag is the perfect option. Not only is the bag itself large enough to store all of your clubs, but it also features side pockets that are big enough to pack your shoes and even extra clothing. Even with all of this space, the bag still doesn’t feel bulky.

Made of thick rubber and nylon, we feel confident this bag won’t break, tear, or otherwise fall apart. The fabric is thick and well-stitched. To give you added peace of mind, it comes with a one-year full replacement warranty so you can test it for yourself.

Price at time of publish: $110

The Details: 27.5 x 18.9 x 14.5 inches | 9 pounds | Wheeled | Nylon and rubber

Best Portability

Izzo Golf High Roller



View On AmazonView On Izzo.comOur RatingsCapacity4.5/5Design4.8/5Portability5/5Durability4/5Value4.5/5Why We Love It

There are six wheels on the bottom of the bag so it can be rolled upright. 

What to Consider

It feels slightly top-heavy.

The Izzo High Roller golf bag impressed us with how easy it was to transport by wheeling or carrying it. The six wheels on the bottom of the bag make it possible to push or pull it while standing upright. In addition, the bag can collapse down to just 12 inches for easy storage while traveling or at home.

While the bag felt a little top-heavy while being wheeled through an airport, the handles made it easy to lift and hold onto while rolling the bag. Even if the bag were to fall over, it has a solid amount of protective padding on the inside and outside, and it’s made of tear-resistant nylon that feels sturdy and durable. The interior of the bag is large enough for golf clubs and extra shirts, and the exterior pocket is big enough for a pair of golf shoes, but it was a tighter fit than we would’ve preferred. We think the Izzo High Roller bag is perfect for golfers who could benefit from having exceptional portability and durability while traveling through airports.

Price at time of publish: $300

Dimensions: 53 x 16 x 12 inches | Weight: 8 pounds | Wheels: Yes | Nylon

Travel & Leisure / Martin Schnurr

Travel & Leisure / Martin Schnurr

Travel & Leisure / Martin Schnurr

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Our Testing Process

Travel + Leisure / Karen Chen

We had our expert product testers and golfers take 19 golf travel bags on the road to find out which ones will keep your clubs safe whether you’re flying or driving. Our testers evaluated the bags by flying, driving, walking around, and carrying the bags and rating various attributes on a scale from one to five based on capacity, design, durability, and portability. 

Our testers packed their golf clubs into the travel bags and noted how easy it was to place the clubs into them and if there was room leftover for clothes, shoes, golf balls, or other accessories between the main compartment and any pockets. While packing the bags, we checked the quality of the zippers and buckles, as well as how much padding there was and if it felt sufficient for protecting the clubs. The bags with the highest ratings for capacity were spacious with extra room leftover, and the best performing bags for design had thoughtful and intuitive features that had golfers in mind and made packing easier.

Travel + Leisure / Martin Schnurr

After packing up the travel bags, our traveling golfers tested portability by carrying and wheeling the bag to get a feel for how it maneuvers. The top performing bags for portability were exceptionally easy to lift and wheel with comfortable, padded straps and handles. Durability of the travel bags was tested when they were transported by airplane or car. Our five-star ratings for durability went to the travel bags that had no damage to the exterior or items on the interior after being used and gave us confidence that they would hold up well with prolonged use. The testers determined that the bags with the best value performed as or better than expected given the price, especially pricier bags that needed robust justification for the cost.

Other Golf Travel Bags We Liked

While there were plenty of well-performing golf travel bags, there were a few listed below that almost made our list of best golf travel bags but fell short during testing. 

Samsonite Golf Deluxe 3 Piece Travel Set: The bag is functional and has a sleek design, but there isn’t much padding and the zippers are plastic, which made us question the durability of the bag while flying. 

Samsonite Hard Side Golf Case: The hardshell feels durable, but there isn’t much give so it was a tight fit to get the golf clubs in, and the case is difficult to store since it can’t break down.

Amazon Basics Soft-sided Golf Travel Bag: This bag is very affordable, but has an unstructured bottom, so it can’t stand up on its own.

Titleist Players Travel Cover: The bag is well made and works well for light travel, but the thin nylon material may not hold up if traveling by plane.

SKB Cases ATA Deluxe Standard Hard Travel Golf Case: This case was built to withstand a lot of rough handling and includes TSA-approved locks, but can become heavy due to its thick plastic.

Bag Boy Golf T10 Hard Top Cover: For minimalist golfers, this simple bag fits just what you need, but won’t give you room for extra equipment or gear.

Tips for Buying a Golf Travel Bag

Consider buying a stiff arm 

Whether you’re buying a hardshell or soft-sided golf travel bag, a stiff arm can add another layer of protection to your golf clubs. A stiff arm is usually an adjustable metal rod with a plastic disc at the the top of it that extends longer than the driver or longest golf club. The rod is placed into a golf bag to absorb the hit if the bag is tossed around and prevent the clubs from being directly impacted. 

Travel + Leisure / Martin Schnurr

Hardshell versus soft-sided 

When looking for a travel golf bag, you’ll want to look at durability and padding. Both hardshell and soft-sided golf travel bags can prevent damage to your golf clubs while traveling and are a worthwhile investment for golfers that travel several times per year. A hardshell suitcase can get more scuffed than a soft-sided golf bag, but you might not need to buy a stiff arm since a plastic case offers a more structured layer of protection. Whereas, a soft-sided bag might need extra protection like a stiff arm, it’s easier to store a soft bag than a bulky hardshell case that can’t be folded down. Some airlines will only cover damaged or lost clubs that are in a hardshell case, so be sure to check with the airline to find out the policies. 

Look at the types of wheels

From upright wheels to inline skate wheels, golf bags are created with a variety of options to make transport easier for all types of players. You should look at wheels that will smoothly and easily roll over different terrains without adding weight to the overall bag.

Frequently Asked QuestionsHow do I pack a golf travel bag?

You’ll want to make sure your golf bag and clubs can fit in a travel bag. While you don’t want to squeeze your clubs inside, you won’t want them swimming in a roomy case either. If there is extra room in your travel bag, stuffing the sides with clothes or towels can help keep everything in place, especially if you’re flying. If your club heads can be removed and covered, that can further prevent damage to your gear. 

What are the airline restrictions for checking in a golf travel bag?

Every airline will be different but most follow the same policies as regular check-in luggage regarding weight and size limitations. The weight limit for check-in luggage, including golf clubs, is almost always 50 pounds or less. If your bag weighs more, there will likely be a surcharge fee. Airlines also have different restrictions and policies for packing golf shoes or balls in your bag, and coverage for lost golf bags can be dependent on the type of golf travel bag. 

Will airlines pay for damaged golf clubs?

Generally, airlines do not pay travelers for damaged golf clubs. Some, like American Airlines, may compensate if the equipment traveled in a hard-sided case that is visibly damaged and was properly packed, but you should always check your specific airline’s policies before flying to guarantee safe and secure travel.

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