The 9 Best Polarized Sunglasses for Men of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

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Sunglasses are so much more than a fashion statement. Having the right pair can provide crucial protection from the elements and harmful UV rays. Trust us — nothing ruins a good trip faster than blinding glare from the water during a boat ride or the sunny reflection of a snowy ski slope. When it comes to sunglasses, you’ll often see there are both polarized and non-polarized options. If you’re looking for glare reduction and maximum protection from the sun’s UV rays, polarized is the way to go. 

For this guide, we tested 17 products over a period of six months, obsessing over the finest details of each pair when it comes to quality, fit, appearance, performance, and value. We also consulted with both an optical design expert and an optometrist to learn more about the in’s and out’s of polarized sunglasses. Highest honors went to Raen’s Aren sunglasses, which offer a perfect mix of form and function.

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Best Overall

Raen Aren Polarized Sunglasses



View On AmazonView On Backcountry.comView On Raen.comOur RatingsFit5/5Performance5/5Quality5/5Appearance5/5Value4.7/5Why We Love It

They have a classic looking frame with just enough design details to stand out.

What to Consider

They run a bit on the smaller side.

Sunglasses can be a tricky purchase to make — go too modern and you’re stuck with something that looks outdated in a year or two, and go too classic and you might find yourself wishing you had chosen something with a little more personality. This pair perfectly hits the mark between the two, with a universally flattering rectangular lens, keyhole nose bridge, and a golden color that stands out, but will still pair nicely with everything in your wardrobe. Raen, a handmade and independent brand designed in California, is known for high-quality products, and a design ethos “defined by timeless values and a spirit of adventure.”

After wearing these glasses regularly for three months, we love them both for their style, and for their comfort during long periods of wear (there is no chafing or pinching to be found here), as well as their wide range of sight thanks to the uniformly tinted lenses. The only thing worth pointing out is that these frames felt a bit small, so they might be more suited for slighter builds and slimmer faces. These glasses also come with a hassle-free 14-day return policy, as well as a one-year warranty — but we’re confident you’ll like them so much, you won’t need to use either. 

Price at time of publish: $175

The Details: One size | UV protection

Travel + Leisure / Chris Abell

Travel + Leisure / Chris Abell

Travel + Leisure / Chris Abell

Travel + Leisure / Chris Abell

Best Everyday

Knockaround Premiums Sport Sunglasses



View On AmazonView On REIView On Academy.comOur RatingsFit5/5Performance5/5Quality4.5/5Appearance5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

A rectangle lens is a versatile, flattering shape that can be worn everyday.

What to Consider

The style of this pair skews casual.

“Rectangles are probably the most universal shape,” said Jeff Press, the former longtime creative director of Morgenthal Frederics. We love this pared-back design from Knockaround, a highly functional pair of sunglasses that is as durable for everyday use as the brand’s name would imply. The polarized lenses themselves are even FDA approved for impact resistance. After three months of wearing, we loved the comfortable rubber nose pads that help keep these glasses in place during a variety of activities. They’re made from a super lightweight polycarbonate material that won’t hold you down, but is also built to last. 

Price at time of publish: $35

The Details: One size | UV protection

Travel + Leisure / Maria Rowella

Travel + Leisure / Maria Rowella

Travel + Leisure / Maria Rowella

Best Active

Ombraz Classic Polarized Sunglasses



View On Lensandframe.coView On Ombraz.comOur RatingsFit4.5/5Performance5/5Quality5/5Appearance5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

This pair has a unique built-in adjustable cord that keeps these sunglasses in place no matter what.

What to Consider

We found that the cord can pinch a little.

It can be difficult to stand out in the world of sunglasses design, but Ombraz manages to do so with a unique and useful design we’re not quite sure we’ve seen anywhere else: instead of typical arms that hold the sunglasses in place on your ears, this pair is held on to the back of your head using a custom-woven, 100 percent recycled Japanese nylon cord. You can wear these truly for any activity and rest assured they won’t go anywhere — water sports, hiking, biking, you name it. We did notice that sometimes the cord can pinch and pull your hair when tightened, and the material the cord is made of is prone to collecting and trapping sunscreen. But if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind style that stands apart and can stand by your side for all your adventures, this is your pair. After three months of wearing for a variety of activities, they were protective and never caused any eye fatigue.

Price at time of publish: $160

The Details: Regular and narrow sizes | UV protection

Travel + Leisure / John Somerall

Travel + Leisure / John Somerall

Travel + Leisure / John Somerall

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Best Versatile

Tifosi Optics Swank Polarized Sunglasses



View On Backcountry.comView On Competitivecyclist.comView On Tifosioptics.comOur RatingsFit4.5/5Performance5/5Quality4.7/5Appearance5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

This style comes in numerous colors and patterns with lots of personality. 

What to Consider

The bridge feels a little uncomfortable on the nose when worn for long periods of time.

Some people prefer the idea of a one-and-done pair of sunglasses that can be worn on a variety of occasions, from outdoor pursuits to leisure activities. We value this high-performing pair from Tifosi for their just-right proportions that look good on a variety of face shapes and sizes. We did notice that the nose bridge started to pinch slightly when these were worn for longer periods of time. But overall, this pair scored well thanks to its light frame, no-slip fit, and shatterproof, scratch-resistant — and polarized — lenses. 

Price at time of publish: $50

The Details: One size | UV protection

Best Prescription

Warby Parker Barkley Sunglasses


Warby Parker

View On Warbyparker.comOur RatingsFit5/5Performance4.7/5Quality4.5/5Appearance4.7/5Value5/5Why We Love It

They’re easy to order online and return if you don’t love them.

What to Consider

After three months of wearing, we noticed they can pinch the bridge of the nose.

Warby Parker does an excellent job of providing high-quality prescription frames at a compelling price point, and with an easy-to-use online interface, to boot. This pair is made from hand-polished cellulose acetate that gently molds to your individual head shape over time, and features durable details such as akulon-coated screws built to last (and stay put for) a lifetime. The prescription lenses in this pair are made from polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant and scratch-resistant material for sunglasses. We loved this pair during our tests, but noticed they weren’t as lightweight or grippy as proper sports or activewear glasses. But overall, they’re a beautiful pair that’s built to last. 

Price at time of publish: $95

The Details: Medium, wide, and extra wide widths | UV protection

Travel + Leisure / David Louis

Travel + Leisure / David Louis

Travel + Leisure / David Louis

Travel + Leisure / Rob Lefebvre

Best Budget

Huckberry Weekenders



View On HuckberryOur RatingsFit5/5Performance5/5Quality4.5/5Appearance4.5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

These are well-made, polarized lenses at incredible value.

What to Consider

The design isn’t particularly unique.

Some of us believe in spending as little as possible on sunglasses, because they’re the type of thing that gets easily lost, crushed, or broken anyway. If you’re in that camp, take a look at these; for a pair that rings in at less than $50, these Huckberry Weekenders deliver serious value. After three months of daily use including tossing into backpacks, these sunglasses didn’t have a scratch on them. We also appreciated the frame’s fit and comfortable feel as well as the high-quality polarized lenses, but did feel that the design was a little basic, or perhaps that they don’t stand out. But overall, for polarized glasses at this price, they’re a compelling proposition. 

Price at time of publish: $39

The Details: One size | UV protection

Travel + Leisure / Elise Wojczyk Wang

Travel + Leisure / Elise Wojczyk Wang

Travel + Leisure / Elise Wojczyk Wang

Best for Boating

Bajío Calda Sunglasses



View On Bajiosunglasses.comView On Tackledirect.comOur RatingsFit5/5Performance5/5Quality4/5Appearance5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

These super lightweight frames offer precision-grade vision.

What to Consider

They are pricey.

Sunglasses for boating and water sports are a very specific subset of activewear with their own universe of needs. These activities require sunglasses that are extremely lightweight, are comfy enough to be worn for long stretches of time, have particularly clear and crisp lenses for enhanced vision, and are extra grippy so they don’t fly off into the wind. This pair delivers on all fronts. We love them for their comfortable fit and finer details, including soft-and-grippy rubber tips, rubber nose pads, pin hinges for flexibility, and added lens technology that blocks 100 percent of UV light, 90 percent of harsh yellow light, and 95 percent of destructive blue light.

Price at time of publish: $209

The Details: One size | UV protection

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Best Aviators

Randolph USA Aviator Matte Chrome Sunglasses


Frames Direct

View On AmazonView On Flightsunglasses.comView On Framesdirect.comOur RatingsFit4.3/5Performance5/5Quality5/5Appearance4.5/5Value4.5/5Why We Love It

These glasses offer classic American style, and are made in the USA.

What to Consider

They are offered in small, regular, and large sizes, so measure carefully before ordering. 

Few sunglasses brands come close to Randolph when it comes to beautifully made, carefully engineered, domestically produced products. This is certainly an investment pair that will last a lifetime. We were impressed by the quality of the lenses, the light weight and durability of the frames, the overall design aesthetic, and how easy it was to adjust the size of the frames by flexing the arms and molding each pair to your specific face size. After wearing this pair for three months, we found they block just enough light to keep your eyes comfortable, but let in enough so the world does not appear muted, dull, or overly dark. The lenses provide crisp and color-true images. If you’re going to invest in a single pair of aviators that will stand the test of time — both physically and aesthetically — this is the pair to get.

Price at time of publish: $319

The Details: Small, regular, and large sizes | UV protection

Travel + Leisure / Anna Knief

Travel + Leisure / Anna Knief

Travel + Leisure / Anna Knief

Travel + Leisure / Anna Knief

Best Packable

Persol PO0714 Folding Sunglasses



View On Framesdirect.comView On Persol.comView On Sunglasshut.comOur RatingsFit4.5/5Performance5/5Quality4.5/5Appearance4.5/5Value4/5Why We Love It

This pair is classic, durable, and folds up for easy packing.

What to Consider

We noticed they started to feel heavy after several hours of wear. 

Packable? Sunglasses? That’s right — this iconic Italian sunglasses brand is known for their timeless frames, and the fact that they can be folded down into a packable shape. This style has been popular since the 1960s, when it was introduced as a folding version of Persol’s famous 649 model. If you’re a serious traveler adhering to a carry-on-only lifestyle, the ability to make your sunglasses even more compact is invaluable. After three months of regular use, we also loved that they can be tossed in a bag and still remain scratch-free. While we did notice that this pair started to feel heavy on our nose and ears after a while, overall we loved the luxurious look and feel of these frames, and the idea that they are built to last for many adventures to come. 

Price at time of publish: $335

The Details: One size | UV protection

Travel + Leisure / Maria Bouselli

Travel + Leisure / Maria Bouselli

Travel + Leisure / Maria Bouselli

Travel + Leisure / Maria Bouselli

Other Polarized Sunglasses We Liked

Two other pairs of sunglasses we tested didn’t quite earn a spot on this list but scored high marks nonetheless.

Maui Jim Cruzem: We loved the classic look and feel of these quintessential rectangle frames, and how lightweight and durable they felt. However, we felt the price point was a little too high compared to other options we tested.

Costa del Mar Fantail Pro: You’ll be hard pressed to find a sturdier pair of sunglasses on the market. We felt they had great durability and could withstand any activity, but found them a little less comfortable than other styles when worn for longer periods of time. 

Our Testing Process

T+L’s expert product testers closely examined 17 products from a range of prominent brands. We evaluated each one based on its quality, fit, appearance, performance and value, assigning a numerical score to each one on a scale of one to five. 

Our reviewers examined each pair manually, looking closely at the lenses, arms, hinges and bridge and nose pads before putting them on. If the sunglasses were marketed as having polarized lenses, we performed a quick test to confirm polarization by holding the glasses about 6 to 8 inches in front of our face and looking through them towards a bright screen or window; upon rotating the lenses ninety degrees, we confirmed that they were polarized by assessing whether the screen or window got darker than when holding the glasses vertically (each pair on this list passed this test). 

Finally, we wore the sunglasses during everyday life for activities outside of the home such as going on walks, running errands, driving, hiking, playing group sports, running, and more, wearing the sunglasses throughout a three-month testing period and will continue to test them for a total of six months. 

Tips for Buying Polarized Sunglasses

Choose a versatile style

Shop smarter, not harder. It’s easy to get carried away and think you need dozens of pairs of sunglasses for all sorts of occasions and activities, but the reality is that, especially when you’re traveling, less is more. A single pair or two will serve you well for most everything. We’ve seen a rise in recent years of activewear sunglasses that don’t look like activewear sunglasses — so they have the light weight, added grip, and anti-fog lenses of something you’d wear running or biking, but have a classic look you could also wear while driving or going to brunch without looking like you’re training for the Tour de France. 

Look for options with UV protection

Polarized lenses are more common than not these days, since they offer so many benefits. The reduction of harmful UV rays entering the eyes is especially important, as too much UV exposure has been shown to lead to cataract formation, certain eye cancers, as well as worsening eyesight over time, resulting in vision becoming hazy, blurry and less saturated with color. Make the smart choice and opt for something with a little extra UV protection.

Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat does it mean if your sunglasses are polarized?

Polarized lenses are regular lenses that have been treated with a special coating that reduces glare. As sunlight enters our atmosphere, it scatters — reflecting off a variety of surfaces — and polarizing coatings work to cut down reflected light in order to reduce glare, not unlike how blinds over a window keep some, but not all light out. 

It’s worth noting that unless you’re examining them extremely closely and performing some exploratory tests, polarized lenses are nearly impossible to differentiate from non-polarized lenses to the naked eye. “There is no change to the look with polarized lenses, it’s about the comfort and glare resistance,” said Jeff Press. “At one time, there were major limitations on colors and treatments, but not anymore.”

What color polarized lens is best?

The answers might surprise you. According to Dr. Jennifer Tsai, a board-certified optometrist practicing in New York City, different colors of polarized lenses have different effects. The bulk of people using polarized lenses do so for water sports using brown or amber lenses, explained Dr. Tsai, but other colors have other uses, as well. “For computer use, rose tinted lenses are great to reduce migraines. For indoor or snow sports, yellow lenses help with contrast in low-light conditions. For driving, gray is great for all bright and hazy conditions.” 

Are polarized sunglasses worth it?

“Polarized lenses block reflected light, such as surfaces with snow, water, or metal,” said Dr. Tsai. “This can offer a higher level of eye protection and significantly reduce glare and light sensitivity. This helps with many outdoor activities that require precision vision, such as water sports and driving. Polarized sunglasses significantly help to improve your vision and I would say it’s well worth it.”

Why Trust Travel + Leisure

Todd Plummer is a Boston-based attorney and writer who covers travel and menswear. For this article, he worked with Travel + Leisure’s editors to determine the best polarized sunglasses based on a series of tests completed by expert product testers in our New York City lab. He also spoke with Dr. Jennifer Tsai, a board-certified optometrist practicing in New York City, and Jeff Press, the former longtime creative director of Morgenthal Frederics, for their expert insights.

The 10 Best Sunglasses for Men of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

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