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Nothing compares to slipping into a cozy bed after a long day of exploring, but sometimes a little extra warmth is required to really relax and wind down for the night. That’s exactly where portable heated blankets come in.

The best portable heated blankets come in all shapes and sizes to suit your needs and allow you to get cozy wherever you are, whether it’s in the passenger seat on a long road trip, in your sleeping bag at the campsite, and even on a chilly airplane (yep—heated blankets are permitted to use on flights!).

Not all heated blankets are created equal, and some brands and models are definitely better than others. Our favorite portable heated blanket overall is the Cosi Home Heated Blanket, which lets you choose between six settings to find your ideal level of warmth. From USB-powered blankets to use on the go to oversized blankets for getting snug in your heavily air-conditioned hotel room, we’ve got even more excellent options for you to consider.

Please note that we previously recommended the Sunbeam Royal Luxe Heated Blanket, but it has been removed due to the March 16, 2023 safety recall.

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Best Overall

Cosi Home Heated Blanket


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This budget-friendly heated blanket features six different heat settings that allow you to choose the absolute best temperature for your preferences or circumstances.

What to Consider

Certain shoppers have reported that the Cosi Home customer service could be of higher quality.

Most affordably priced heated blankets only have three different temperature settings, but the Cosi Home Heated Blanket comes equipped with a total of six options to perfectly target your ideal warmth. It really allows you to customize your preferred temperature and gets up to a toasty 131 degrees Fahrenheit, which is more than hot enough for most people and circumstances. It’s equipped with an easy-to-use remote that also allows you to program a timed shut-off within three hours. We also love this blanket’s look and feel. One side of the reversible blanket is a super pretty sherpa material while the other is a comfortable micro-fleece that feels great against the skin and comes in your choice of black, navy, or red. It’s machine-washable, which makes it easy to keep fresh no matter how many journeys you take it on.

Price at time of publish: $40

The Details: 50 x 60 inches | 3.52 pounds | Outlet power source | Sherpa and micro-fleece | 131 degrees Fahrenheit

Best Weighted

Double Couple Heated Weighted Blanket


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This heated and weighted option is peak cozy and also comes in a timeless gray color that’ll suit pretty much any décor style.

What to Consider

This option is definitely not the most budget-conscious on the list.

Weighted blankets had a serious moment throughout the pandemic, and it’s easy to see why. The ultra-cozy blankets feel like receiving a hug, and, as such, are believed to help calm anxiety and stress while fostering a sense of deep relaxation. This option isn’t just weighted—it’s also heated, which makes it just about the coziest thing we could ever imagine having on our hotel bed. The fleece material is ultra-soft without sticking to you or your bed sheets while the blanket itself weighs 15 pounds—which is about the standard weight range to look for if you’re shopping for an adult. 

Price at time of publish: $139

The Details: 60 x 80 inches | 15 pounds | Type A plug | Flannel

Best battery-operated

Ltrototea Battery-operated USB Cordless Wrap for Women


View On WalmartWhy We Love It

This battery- and USB-operated option is the perfect antidote for cool airplane cabins or shared office spaces thanks to the wrap-like design.

What to Consider

This option isn’t the best for cozying up in bed or on the couch.

There’s absolutely nothing worse than catching a chill in the freezing cold airplane cabin or while trying to get work done at the office. Sure—you could put on a sweater or a scarf, but this cordless heated wrap is going to be so much more efficient and snug. The poncho-like design isn’t exactly the most fashion forward, but the dark gray color and zippered front help make this option versatile for wearing on the go, whether you’re in your travel-day sweats or your office-casual trousers. We also like that it works with both batteries or a USB outlet, which makes it great for bringing abroad.

Price at time of publish: $49

The Details: 59 x 33.5 inches | USB and battery | Fleece | 140 degrees Fahrenheit

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Best King-size

Degrees Of Comfort California King Size Heated Blanket

View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This extra-large heated blanket includes twenty different heat settings to best keep you warm and comfy.

What to Consider

It has multiple lengthy cords for ease of use, but sometimes the cords actually get in the way.

The Degrees Of Comfort California King-size Heated Blanket is going to be your best bet if you’re looking for a high-quality heated blanket that’ll fit your king or California king-sized bed. The blanket offers even heating from tip to toe, which makes it easy to snuggle up in or share with a partner. We also love that it comes in a huge spectrum of classic and contemporary colors to best suit all kinds of existing interior décor and bedrooms. Note that this blanket is very big—it spans 100 by 94 inches—and comes with multiple cords and heating panels to make it easier for you to readjust the temperature, but it can sometimes feel like you’re surrounded by cords and monitors. Still, we appreciate that the cord to connect it to a wall outlet is 12.5 feet long to ensure it’ll reach your preferred location.

Price at time of publish: $130 

The Details: 100 x 94 inches | 9.94 pounds | Type A plug | Polyester

Best for the Car

Stalwart Electric Car Blanket


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This electric car blanket plugs right into the 12-volt so you won’t have to worry about scrambling for an adapter just to warm up while on the road.

What to Consider

This option doesn’t allow you to adjust or change the temperature.

Long road trips or even short commutes in the car come wintertime can really be a bummer, especially if you don’t have heated seats. The Stalwart Electric Car Blanket allows you to get warm and cozy while on the road throughout any weather. It’s also a great option for those who run cold and don’t want to sweat out the driver by putting on the heat or turning off the air conditioning. We love that this plugs directly into the 12-volt, allowing quick and easy heating—and we’re also huge fans of the fun black-and-white checkered pattern.

Price at time of publish: $24

The Details: 59 x 43 inches | 2 pounds | 12-volt | Polyester

Best for Pets

Toozey Pet Heating Pad


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This budget-friendly pet heating pad is chew-resistant and easy to clean.

What to Consider

It doesn’t seem to heat as evenly as a regular heated blanket or heating pad.

Have you ever noticed how quickly pets gravitate toward warm laundry or spots of sun hitting the floor? Cats and dogs alike love to cozy up in the warmth, which means a pet-friendly heating pad makes perfect sense. This option is relatively affordable given the size and quality—not only is it totally chew-resistant, but it’s also made of a water-resistant PVC material that is super easy to clean if your pet has an accident. The exterior cover is a snug polyester material that is totally machine-washable for easy care. It’s also important to note that this option includes an auto shut-off for added safety and peace of mind.

Price at time of publish: $39

The Details: 28 x 16 inches | Type A plug | Polyester and PVC | 86-131 degrees Fahrenheit

Best for camping

Mantuole Heated Sleeping Bag Pad


View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This high-quality sleeping bag pad is USB-powered for ease of use in the wilderness.

What to Consider

This option isn’t as warm as a traditional heated blanket.

There’s nothing worse than a bad night’s sleep on the cold hard ground while camping. This high-quality sleeping bag pad was designed to be tucked into your existing sleeping bag in order to provide better heat (and heat retention) throughout the night. It’s USB-powered, which means you can easily plug it into your portable power-bank, or even your laptop in a pinch, for all-night warmth and coziness while in the wilderness.

Price at time of publish: $50 

The Details: 78 x 24 inches | 2 pounds | USB | Polyester

Best Smart

Eddie Bauer Smart Heated Electric Throw Blanket


View On AmazonView On WalmartWhy We Love It

Not only is this option Alexa-compatible, but it also comes in a bunch of cute patterns and colors.

What to Consider

It can be tedious to connect the blanket to your Wi-Fi upon initial setup.

The Eddie Bauer Smart Heated Electric Throw Blanket would have impressed the heck out of expedition explorers of yesteryear. A blanket that heats up and keeps you warm on voice command? Incredible. The hands-free control is Alexa-enabled, which means you can turn your blanket on or off and adjust the temperature just by using your voice or the free smartphone app. This also means that the blankets look like regular throw blankets and don’t have unsightly digital controllers or wiring sticking out from all sides. It’s also machine-washable and can be machine dried on low.

Price at time of publish: $80

The Details: 60 x 50 inches | 4.09 pounds | Type A plug | Polyester

Best with foot pockets

Degrees of Comfort Micro-Plush Heated Blanket With Foot Pocket



View On AmazonWhy We Love It

This blanket is easily machine-washable because you can disconnect the controller and power cables, and it can even go in the clothes dryer afterward.

What to Consider

It only has three heat settings.

“I’ve traveled to over 50 countries around the world, and one product I’ve discovered can make life aboard (yes your read the right, aboard, not abroad) much more comfortable, is the Degrees of Comfort Plush Electric Blanket,” explains Erin Carey, founder and director, Roam Generation. “My family and I live on a boat and are sailing around the world. Having a heated blanket made our lives onboard so much cozier. The blanket I recommend is the Degrees of Comfort Plush Electric Blanket in a single size. The reason my family and I travel with a single blanket is to save on space and to be able to fit in our carry-on luggage if we leave the boat.”

Price at time of publish: $40

The Details: 62 x 50 inches | 4.71 pounds | Type A plug | Polyester

Tips for Buying a Portable Heated Blanket

Consider care needs

If you’re planning on bringing your heated blanket through airports or into hotel rooms, you’ll want to purchase a blanket that can be thrown in the washer and dryer. Not every blanket is built with removable wiring, so be sure to read the fine print to ensure your top pick is easy to care for and clean.

Look for a versatile power source

Wondering whether to bring your American-manufactured blanket with you on a trip abroad? “As long as you have the appropriate electrical adaptor, you’ll be good to go,” says Madelyn Driver, founder of That Getaway Girl. The biggest mistake travelers make? Plugging heated blankets into extension cords or power strips. According to Driver, travel blankets should only be plugged directly into the wall to avoid overheating.

Choose a size carefully

Sure—a king-sized heated blanket sounds like the coziest thing in the world, but it won’t exactly make sense if you’re hoping to pack your blanket in your carry-on or checked luggage. We recommend opting for a wearable heated blanket or a twin-size blanket if you’re planning on bringing it with you while traveling. If you’re looking for something to suit your bed at home, be sure to purchase the size in accordance with your mattress size.

Frequently Asked QuestionsAre heated blankets safe?

Whether you’re camping, traveling, or simply want to stay comfortable on a long drive, heated blankets are the key to making sure you stay cozy and warm. But are they safe? “As long as you take good care of your heated blanket, they generally don’t pose a safety risk,” explains Driver. “If your blanket looks damaged or you’ve had it for a tad too long, that’s when you risk a malfunction, which could result in a fire or burn.”

How do you wash a heated blanket?

Washing a heated blanket is surprisingly easy as long as you opt for something that specifically mentions removable wiring. Most heated blankets are machine-washable and some are even dryer-friendly, but if you have any doubts, double-check the packaging and wash label.

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In compiling our list of best portable heated blankets, we also spoke to travel influencers Erin Carey, founder and director of Roam Generation, and Madelyn Driver, founder of That Getaway

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