The Best Snowboard Bags of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

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While hauling snowboarding equipment around is always worth it once you arrive at the mountain, a snowboard bag can make your journey a total breeze. And with the high value of snowboard gear, you need a bag that provides ample protection.

We tested 13 snowboard bags from well-known winter sports brands as well as under-the-radar Amazon options. In the end, our favorite is the Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag, which blew us away with its ideal size and additional boot bag. Traveling with a family of shredders? We tested a double bag perfect for family ski trips thanks to its huge capacity for multiple boards. Hard-sided and budget-friendly picks also impressed us during testing. 

Our Top PicksBest Overall:Dakine Snowboard Bag at REIJump to ReviewBest Budget:Unigear Ski and Snowboard Bag at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Double:High Sierra Ski & Snowboard Bag at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Padded:Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Snowboard Bag at AmazonJump to ReviewBest for Storage:EQ Sport Snowboard Bag with Wheels at AmazonJump to ReviewBest Hardside:Sportube Series 3 Ski Case at AmazonJump to Review

Best Overall

Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag



View On REIOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design5/5Portability5/5Durability5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

We could easily fit two snowboards in this bag, and it comes with a boot bag and pockets for clothing.

What to Consider

There aren’t any interior straps for securing the boards.

We’re fans of the Dakine High Roller Snowboard Bag for its ability to carry two snowboards and gear with ease. It comes with a removable boot bag to separate the footwear from the snowboards for extra protection, and there are two spacious pockets for clothing and accessories. We were able to fit one snowboard with bindings and one without in the main compartment, and we appreciated the all-around padding for peace of mind while traveling with pricey gear. 

“I have used many snowboard bags and this one is one of my favorites due to the lightweight but heavy-duty materials, the included stuff sacks, the exterior pockets, and the wheels,” one tester said of the sturdy 900D recycled polyester roller. The wheels and padded shoulder strap provide multiple comfortable ways to carry the packed snowboard bag, and we were even able to hoist it into a car roof carrier with ease. After regularly using this bag for a month of travels including two trips to Lake Tahoe, one tester said, “[The] bag is still holding up great and has been dragged around in the snow, jammed in a roof box with other gear, and [it] still looks like new.”

Price at time of publish: $185

The Details: 165, 175 centimeters | Two snowboard capacity | 900D Recycled polyester

Travel + Leisure / Michael Weisbaum

Travel + Leisure / Michael Weisbaum

Best Budget

Unigear Ski and Snowboard Bag



View On AmazonOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design5/5Portability5/5Durability5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

After bringing this on two flights, our tester saw no sign at all of wear and tear.

What to Consider

It doesn’t have wheels.

The cost-effective Unigear Ski and Snowboard Bag earned perfect scores in all of our testing categories, making it one of the best bags we tested. The no-frills bag has everything you need to pack your gear safely, and we especially liked the capacity that was ideal for one snowboard, boots, and clothing. “I think the bag has perfect capacity. It has enough width to fit boots, which I thought would be the hardest to put inside. Once the boots are in, there’s plenty of extra space that you can fill up with smaller items,” our tester shared. Although the bag doesn’t have wheels, the shoulder strap is padded, and we found it to be perfectly comfortable thanks to the lightweight (but durable) feel of the polyester bag. Our gear felt protected with the interior straps, and there are a variety of pocket sizes to store items like waxing tools, gloves, clothing, and more. 

Price at time of publish: $76

The Details: 155, 165, 175 centimeters | One snowboard capacity | 600D Polyester

Travel + Leisure / Michael Vlaho

Travel + Leisure / Michael Vlaho

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Best Double

High Sierra Adjustable Wheeled Ski & Snowboard Bag



View On AmazonOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design5/5Portability5/5Durability4.8/5Value5/5Why We Love It

The generous capacity makes it easy to pack multiple sets of skis and snowboards.

What to Consider

We wish there was a shoulder strap for carrying the bag over uneven terrain.

A family of powder hounds will appreciate High Sierra’s spacious bag that can accommodate both skis and snowboards. “I ​​feel like I can pack half my closet in this bag, let alone one snowboard,” our tester gushed when referencing the impressive capacity of this snowboard bag. We were able to fit two boards without any issues, and thanks to the padded separator included, the boards were well protected from scraping together during travels. Since the bag is designed with a capacity big enough for family ski trips, it might be too big for solo travelers. However, if you’re flying to a mountain resort, this bag can be used as an all-in-one piece of luggage for packing a board, boots, and clothing items with ease. We had no issues rolling the bag over paved surfaces, but if you reach bumpy terrain, you’ll have to lift it up using the tote handles, so we wish there was a shoulder strap, too. 

Price at time of publish: $183

The Details: One size, 215 centimeters | Two snowboards, two ski capacity | Nylon

Best Padded

Element Equipment Deluxe Padded Snowboard Bag



View On AmazonOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design5/5Portability5/5Durability5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

The all-around padding protects gear and feels incredibly durable and sturdy.

What to Consider

This bag doesn’t have wheels and is fairly bulky due to the extra padding.

Whether you’re flying or driving to your winter adventure, you’re making a wise choice with a padded bag like this one from Element Equipment that has extra cushioning to protect snowboards. The bag has 360-degree padding, and it’s made with double-stitched PVC-coated polyester, making it waterproof and sturdy. “I really love the padding plus the ease of use and durability. I believe this bag is going to stand the test of time,” our T+L tester said. Although the bag is made with heavy-duty materials and doesn’t have wheels, it had a lightweight feel when we carried it after packing two snowboards into the main compartment. There wasn’t much room for more than two snowboards, but we think the capacity is just right for flying, especially if you use the interior straps to tie down the boards for extra protection. Plus, the bag has excellent value — our tester concluded that they would easily pay twice as much for a durable and protective bag such as this. 

Price at time of publish: $99

The Details: 157, 165 centimeters | Two snowboard capacity | Polyester

Travel + Leisure / Carolyn Malcoun

Travel + Leisure / Carolyn Malcoun

Travel + Leisure / Carolyn Malcoun

Best for Storage

EQ Sport Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels



View On AmazonOur RatingsCapacity5/5Design5/5Portability4.8/5Durability5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

The bag is designed to roll up into a compact size for storage.

What to Consider

It’s a little awkward to wheel the bag.

We love that the EQ Sport Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels is designed to roll up for hassle-free storage once you arrive at your destination. It comes with straps on the outside to tie down the bag so it can be stored at a fraction of the typical snowboard bag size. “The option to roll it up is nice since it could easily fit on a closet shelf at that size,” our tester remarked. When it comes to traveling, we’re confident the waterproof 600D polyester bag will protect your snowboard and other gear with its ample padding and interior straps for tying down your board. Plus, it comes with a boot bag to separate packed gear, avoiding any damage from abrasion during transit. The capacity of the snowboard bag was just right, as there was enough space for boards, boots, and snow gear. However, the length was a little long, and it dragged slightly when we wheeled it across the floor. 

Price at time of publish: $200

The Details: 158, 168 centimeters | One snowboard capacity | 600D Polyester

Travel + Leisure / Jamie Major

Travel + Leisure / Jamie Major

Travel + Leisure / Jamie Major

Travel + Leisure / Jamie Major

Best Hardside

Sportube Series 3 Ski and Snowboard Ski Case



View On AmazonView On REIView On Sportube.comOur RatingsCapacity4.8/5Design5/5Portability5/5Durability5/5Value5/5Why We Love It

The thick plastic case feels very durable and protective for air travel and the wheels make it easy to maneuver.

What to Consider

It’s a little cumbersome to carry due to the weight of the bag.

While most snowboard bags are soft-sided, Sportube is known for making top-tier hard-sided cases for traveling with gear. The Series 3 was a winner in our eyes thanks to its impressive capacity and ultra-durable plastic shell design. We easily fit two pairs of skis and could have added one more — the bag is designed to fit up to two snowboards and boots which seems more than doable. The thick plastic material is a bit heavy, but the wheels make it less of a hassle to transport the packed snowboard bag through an airport or hotel. For extra protection, the interior of the bag has a total of six straps to tie down your gear and each end is padded to protect snowboard and ski tips from damage. We think this hardshell snowboard bag is one of the best on the market for protecting your snowboard against possible damage whether you’re flying, driving, or taking a train to the slopes. 

Price at time of publish: $250

The Details: One size, 183 centimeters | Two snowboard capacity | Polyethylene

Travel + Leisure / Frances Crouter

Other Snowboard Bags We Tested

We still like the bags listed below, but they fell slightly behind due to minor inconveniences we found during testing. 

Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels: This bag is easy to maneuver around when it’s packed full and the capacity is generous. We think it’s best for someone looking to travel with lots of gear or for particularly long trips, but it may be too spacious for general use.

Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag: We love that this bag is lightweight and that it comes with a separate compartment for snowboard boots. However, the bag was slightly awkward to carry, and we wish it came with an interior strap to tie down a snowboard or a shoulder strap to transport it another way. 

Our Testing Process

T+L’s expert mountain cruisers tested 13 snowboarding bags from notable snow gear brands like Dakine. We evaluated and compared each snowboard bag based on traits like capacity, portability, durability, and design during our testing period.

Ellysha Gravel

The first thing we did was examine the quality of the bag, paying close attention to the functionality of the zippers, fabric, straps, wheels, and pockets. Our top performers were made with durable materials that felt very protective with pockets and straps that made packing up gear easy and organized. After evaluating the capacity by placing our snowboards and gear into the bag, we headed to the mountains with the packed bags to test portability and durability. 

Jamie Major

Our favorite snowboard bags were easy to carry, had a capacity that was just right, and, most importantly, protected our snowboards from damage during transit. When the testing was complete, each tester uncovered the price of their snowboard bag, compared the cost to its performance, and determined an overall value score.

Tips for Buying a Snowboard Bag

Consider the length options

It’s important to pick a snowboard bag size that closely resembles the length of your board. You can opt for a longer bag if you’re traveling with multiple snowboards or want extra room for other gear and clothing. Because snowboards have bindings that stick out, you’ll also want to check the capacity of the bag to ensure that it will fit multiple boards with bindings.

Buy for your intended use

Snowboard bags are a must-have for frequent travelers, as you’ll need one for checking your board while flying or for protecting it during a road trip. We think it’s worth it to splurge on a padded, durable bag for snowboarders that travel often, but if you’re planning on just using it for storage, consider getting a non-padded or less expensive option. 

Frequently Asked QuestionsCan I fly with a snowboard bag?

Like travel golf bags, snowboard bags can be flown as checked luggage, but airlines have different rules for checking in snowboards that may count as oversized luggage. When it comes to checking in a bag, you’ll want to try to stay under 50 pounds to avoid possible fees for an overweight bag. 

Are ski bags and snowboard bags the same?

Ski and snowboard bags can certainly be used interchangeably with the main difference being the size of the two bag styles. Snowboard bags are typically wider than ski bags, meaning your skis might be swimming in the extra room if you use them in a snowboard bag. However, this could be helpful for packing multiple pairs of skis and gear for a trip since there’s a bit more room. 

Do snowboard bags hold boots?

It ultimately depends on the size of the bag you purchase. If you opt for a larger bag, you’ll be able to fit more items like boots, snow gear, or other clothing. You can also get a boot bag for storing and organizing snowboarding boots and gear.

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