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There are plenty of things that can go wrong when you’re traveling. And, although you can’t prevent flight cancellations, long queues, or inclement weather, one thing you can be proactive about is protecting your valuables. For flight attendants, this is made easy with the Master Lock Portable Lock Box, a handy travel accessory that will give you peace of mind while you’re on the road. 

Designed to act like a travel safe, the Master Lock Portable Lock Box provides a secure and protective spot for valuables such as smartphones, credit cards, passports, watches, jewelry, cash, and other important items. They stay secure behind the box’s combination dial lock, which resembles traditional luggage locks with its customizable four-digit code. 


To buy:, $24  

At first glance, you’d probably infer that the Master Lock Portable Lock Box is best used like a hotel safe that never leaves your room, right? Well, it’s actually intended to travel with you, and it’s built with thoughtful features to make your trip a breeze. Starting with its protective shell, the 2.3-inch by 9.5-inch by 4.9-inch lock box is made with a durable, water-resistant material to ensure that your valuables stay safe, dry, and undamaged when you’re on the go. 

It also comes with a steel integrated cable, which you can attach to your beach chair, stroller handle, tote bag strap, hotel desk chair, etc. so you’ll have peace of mind that no one can tamper with it or take it. However, if you do decide to bring it with you while you’re exploring, you’ll be delighted to know that the Master Lock Portable Lock Box has a cable access port that allows you to charge your devices while they’re locked away inside. If you’re someone that still uses traditional cable headphones, you can also use this feature to connect them to your smartphone and listen to music. 

Thinking of traveling with the Master Lock Portable Lock Box on your next trip? You wouldn’t be the only one; the game-changing accessory has earned more than 10,800 five-star ratings from Amazon shoppers — many of whom are frequent travelers. One fan wrote, “I’m a flight attendant and I really recommend this. It’s amazing for keeping your things safe.” A second reviewer who was traveling abroad added, “We kept our keys, passports, and cash in this safe and wrapped the wire around an enclosed post near the bedside. We had no issues bringing it through TSA security.” 


To buy:, $29 

Another customer shared, “This was one of those random purchases I made right before our surf trip. I thought it would be good to have to lock our keys up while we went surfing in unfamiliar territory, and boy was I right.” They continued, “We locked this thing to trees, shrubs, a lifeguard stand, guardrail, you name it and it worked amazingly… You really cannot beat this for the [peace] of mind it provides. The cable is a bit thin but it’s a solid little box.” Ending their review, they said, “I recommend this to every traveler we know.” 

Chiming in, an Amazon shopper mentioned, “I bought this for an out-of-country trip to keep our passports and cards safe. It was an extra added security that ensured us to have a fun trip.” Their review was followed by another traveler that highlighted, “I took this on a cruise. It was cute and fashionable [to wear] as a hand purse.” And, a final customer that used it on a family beach trip was happy to report, “We don’t have to take turns swimming any more… Now we lock phones and car keys and go to the ocean as a family!” 

Take a cue from these travelers and add the Master Lock Portable Lock Box to your cart. Make sure you grab one before you head on your next trip. 

At the time of publishing, the price started at $24. 

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