The Spot Where Julius Caesar Was Killed Opens to Tourists in Rome


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Travelers to Rome have a new way to step into history thanks to a brand-new elevated walkway that will bring visitors over the spot where Julius Caesar was killed.

The Largo Argentina square where the infamous assassination took place in 44 B.C. opened to the public this week, according to Rome’s mayor. The new access is thanks to a series of walkways (and nighttime illumination) funded by the luxury jeweler Bulgari, The Associated Press reported.

“Happy to be able to give back to the Romans and tourists the Sacred Area of Largo Argentina in all its beauty,” Mayor Roberto Gualtieri wrote in a Facebook post, calling the site “a real precious jewel made of history, art and culture, nestled in the heart of our city.”

Gualtieri added visitors will be able to “literally immerse themselves in History” by visiting the wall of the Curia of Pompeo where Caesar was killed along with the ruins of four temples.

The walkways are accessible and both wheelchair and stroller friendly. To reach the ruins, travelers can either descend on a staircase or use an elevator platform, the AP noted. General admission will cost 5 euros (about $5.50), and the ruins will be open every day except Mondays and some holidays.

Tickets are available for purchase.

Previously, the ancient spot was only visible from the street level. That is on a higher ground than the temples, which were first unearthed in the 1920s as part of dictator Benito Mussolini’s plan to change the landscape of the city, according to the wire service.

“We go forward in this way to enhance and make more and more fruitful and attractive the great city cultural heritage that never ceases to amaze with its treasures and wonders,” Gualtieri said in his post.

Beyond the newly accessible site, Rome is known for its ruins both above and below ground. Travelers can visit everything from an ancient apartment complex beneath the city’s famous Trevi Fountain to a still-functioning aqueduct in the basement of a popular department store, and more.

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