The U.K. Will Officially Charge Travelers for Entry Starting This Fall, Here’s How Much

The United Kingdom has detailed the cost and rollout timeline of its Electronic Travel Authorisation visa waiver that's been in the works for months.

The fee, which will be rolled out this fall, will cost travelers £10 ($12.59) per applicant. When it is fully implemented, all foreign visitors without a visa (including those from the United States) will be required to apply for the ETA online in advance of their trip.

The ETA rollout will be staggered, starting with citizens from Qatar in November. Then, in February, travelers from Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates will be required to apply and pay the fee.

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Travelers from other nations, including the U.S., will be required to apply for the ETA by the end of 2024. The decision to implement an online ETA is part of the U.K.’s effort to fully digitize its borders by 2025.

To apply, travelers will need to use a forthcoming U.K. ETA app or apply online on Each traveler must have their own ETA, including children of any age. Applicants should typically expect a response within at least three business days.

The ETA will then be electronically linked to a traveler’s passport.

The rollout of the ETA comes as the Europe Union plans for a new European Travel Information and Authorisation System (or ETIAS) next year. That authorization will include a €7 fee and apply to foreign visitors who are 18 to 70 years old.

In the U.S., visitors must also apply for a similar authorization before entering the country. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (or ESTA) is available to travelers through the Visa Waiver Program and costs $21 to apply.

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