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Ever come across a pair of shoes that are so comfy, you wear them everywhere? I have: the BZees Dazzle Me Wedge Sandals. These travel sandals are so supportive I’ve wore them to four continents, and even to Alaska earlier this month when I forgot my hiking shoes. I was visiting with some other travel writers to road trip up to Denali National Park, where we planned to do some light hiking. But I was tired when I left for the airport, and accidentally slid my feet into my Bzees instead of my usual pair of Kizik sneakers for my flight to Anchorage.

I realized my mistake some 8 hours later, when opening my bag on the first night of my trip with the Alaska Collection by Pursuit. (The company curates multi-day adventures for travelers and maintains lodges and restaurants around the 49th State.) But all was not lost, because my BZees happen to be super comfortable — and have come in handy in a pinch for years now.


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 I’ve been a fan of BZees sandals since I discovered them on the clearance rack at DSW three summers ago. Despite having a wedge heel, they are really comfy to walk in. I find them more comfortable than sneakers, honestly, and they’ve kept me pain-free across the globe. From climbing hilly streets in Porto, Portugal and San Francisco, California, to meandering down a wooden boardwalk to my overwater bungalow in the Maldives to a walking safari in Kenya, these sandals have never let me down.

Travel + Leisure / Becca Blond

Made with a wide cushioned strap that hugs my foot, BZees Dazzle Me Wedge Sandals allow me to walk for hours without my feet hurting (something that rarely happens in tennis shoes) and I never get blisters. And while I’m not usually a fan of shoes with a toe strap, these sandals are a stellar exception. It took about five days to break the sandals in, and after that I didn’t even notice the toe strap.

 But now apparently, I was going to put the BZees Dazzle Me Wedge Sandals to the ultimate test and wear them on an actual hike. I didn’t really have a choice as the only other footwear I’d packed was a pair of boots with heels.

 The hike in question, luckily, was not a strenuous rocky scramble. It was a well-maintained trail with a moderate elevation loss and gain via a series of gravel steps leading to a lake, so I figured after Porto’s hills, the sandals and I could power through.

Travel + Leisure / Becca Blond

Once again, they never let me down. On the downhill I still felt I had enough support not to worry about twisting my ankle, albeit I took it slow. And while my shins and foot arch area burned a little bit upon completing the 3-mile loop, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle.

 Look, it’s not that I advocate making these BZees sandals a hiking staple. Honestly, the right footwear would have been a safer bet, but this just goes to show how comfortable these shoes are. I was so impressed with the shoes, that upon returning home I snapped up two more pairs to save for the future while they are 50 percent off right now on Nordstrom Rack and Amazon. You can bet I’m stocking up.


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Another great perk to these wedge sandals is their versatility. They can easily perform multiple purposes. When I finished my hike and returned to my home-away-from-home at Denali Cabins, which offers super cute, affordable log cabin rentals about 15-minutes outside the south entrance to the park, I threw on my bathing suit and wore the same sandals to the outdoor wooden sauna for a sweat session followed by a hot tub soak. Afterwards, I dined on some beautifully prepared Alaskan salmon at the on-site restaurant Prey, still wearing the same sandals. The entire trip, I never needed a second pair of shoes.

 I’m not the only one in love with the Dazzle Me sandals, Amazon reviewers also loved the BZees shoe. One reviewer who gave the shoes five stars raved, “The wedge has support and absorbs the shock of walking. The … fabric is a soft but sturdy material and doesn’t rub or irritate the top of foot. Also, the little thing that goes between the toes is soft and doesn’t rub.”

 Another person swears by these for their foot pain. “I have plantar fasciitis, and these are great for standing a long time and general walking. I bought four in different colors. The material is stretchy but also tight enough, so your feet feel supported. Huge find for me.”

Travel + Leisure / Becca Blond

If you are looking for a super comfortable sandal to wear on long city walking days that can also do double duty of adding a few inches of height and being stylish enough to take from day to night with a change of clothes, then I can’t recommend the BZees Dazzle Me Wedge Sandals  enough. The fact that these shoes are more than 50 percent off right now makes purchasing them even more sweet. In fact, I recommend scooping up a couple pairs — you won’t regret it.

If you’re looking for a similar pair of comfy shoes that can go the distance, I’ve got you covered. Amazon has plenty of wedge sandals that are both stylish and cushioned for any trip you may have planned.

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