These Cloud Slides Are the Perfect Travel Shoes


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Long days of travel often result in spending many hours on your feet, so if you’re not wearing the proper shoes, you’re opening yourself up to pain and discomfort that can easily be avoided. However, there’s one style of shoes that’s taking TikTok by storm and may just be the supportive, well-cushioned answer to weary, worn-down feet.

The Incarpo Pillow Slides, which have been dubbed as an “Amazon’s Choice” shoe, are available for as little as $22 in select colors, and with an ultra-thick sole and a simple slide-on design, these sandals are guaranteed to be your new favorite airport shoe.


To buy:, from $22

You’ve likely seen these cloud-like sandals — made of a cushy ethylene vinyl acetate material — all over social media due to their intense comfort and unique style. The ultra-cushioned sole supports your feet with every step, making these sandals the perfect hotel slipper or airport shoe when you’re looking to channel the familiarity of home while you’re out and about. They’re even made with 1.57 inches of cushioning that’s designed to mold to your foot for a truly personal fit.

The high-quality EVA material also feels soft against the skin, so if you’re feeling weary after a long day of sightseeing, you can rely on these shoes to hug your feet from all angles. Plus, they’re easily folded into a compact shape, making for a lightweight addition to your carry-on luggage without taking up excess space. They even come in 10 serene colors to complement any outfit in your suitcase, with sizes ranging from 6 to 12.


To buy:, $23

For exhausted travelers, people struggling with foot pain, and everyone in between, these supportive, pillow-soft sandals are taking the world by storm. One Amazon shopper shared that while they suffer from back issues and “can hardly go barefoot, even around the home,” these shoes are their favorite solution because they’re “so comfy and squishy, yet supportive.” They’ve also been touted as “ridiculously comfortable,” by another shopper, and one person even noted that their foot pain “disappeared” when they put these shoes on.

Meanwhile, another customer revealed that they wore these sandals while “traveling through airports, hanging by the pool, and walking the [Las Vegas] strip” while on vacation, and they provided a “springy feel that’s consistent with every step.” In fact, they even went as far as to claim that they felt like “walking on clouds.” Yet another traveler agreed, sharing that the shoes are “perfect” to put into a suitcase since they “won’t add weight,” yet can also be worn throughout the airport because they are so “soft and lightweight.”


To buy:, $23

Comfort should always be a priority while you’re traveling, and the Incarpo Pillow Slides make it easier than ever to add style into the mix as well, for as little as $22. These breathable, supportive shoes hug your feet with every step, making them well-suited for a day spent at the pool, long hours waiting for your flight at the airport, and even as cushy slippers in an unfamiliar hotel room. And the fact that they’re TikTok-approved only further adds to the appeal of what’s undeniably become the shoe of the summer.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $22. 

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