These Comfy Amazon Sneakers Are Nurse-approved


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I have a confession to make: I’m not a sneakerhead. Outside of gym class in school, I didn’t care about sneakers. I’ve never camped out for a new pair of Jordans. I don’t go to Flight Club to find exclusives. Until a few years ago, I rarely wore sneakers. It’s ironic given how many sneakers I buy for my daughter — which she promptly destroys when playing in the park. 

Fast forward to the pandemic, and I took to walking — and eventually running — as a form of mental health. It was then that I realized I should invest in better sneakers. But since I wasn’t a sneaker person, when I saw what a “good pair” of sneakers could cost, I got sticker shock. Thanks to the power of social media, I stumbled across this unassuming pair of Umyogo Women’s Sneakers at Amazon, and I was sold. They were fairly affordable, didn’t look oversized, had a ton of colors that I could see myself wearing, and were highly rated by real shoppers. 


To buy:, from $37 

I always preface my recommendations with “price isn’t everything,” and this is one product where this rings true. If you’ve shopped for legitimate workout or running sneakers, you know they can be very expensive. I have some running shoes I bought as a birthday gift to myself about a year ago from a major brand and, to this day, I never wear them because they’re not that supportive and don’t hug my feet securely when I run. 

The Umyogo Women’s Sneakers feel secure on my feet and I love that they’re slip-ons. Even though they have laces, these are mainly for decoration. They’re also incredibly supportive thanks to the honeycomb design in the soles. I think that this is why there was practically no breaking-in period for me. I could fully flex my foot without feeling resistance even from the first day I put them on, and they’re very lightweight. 

This is probably why this comfy shoe is such a favorite among professionals like nurses who spend all day on their feet. As one reviewing nurse shared, they wear these shoes most of the week during 12-hour shifts and they have “no foot pain, no lower back pain.” Another said they wear theirs for eight hour shifts and that they gave them “a lot of relief,” while a fellow medical practitioner raved “these are the best shoes ever.”


To buy:, from $37 

I’ve never liked oversized sneakers and these look sleek. They’re low-profile shoes that work in a variety of settings. I can wear them to the gym, take my kid to the park, manage errands around town, or even take them with me when I travel to pull double duty as a workout and sightseeing shoe. 

The sneaker also comes in a wide variety of color options. Considering the modest price, you can easily pick up a few pairs. With 19 colors to choose from, a breathable mesh upper, and a supportive sole with a great grip, the Umyogo Women’s Sneakers are perfect for travel, chasing kids at the park, casual outings, or long days on your feet. 

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