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Slip-on shoes are the best-kept secret for a smooth day of travel — they’re easy to slide on and off at the airport — and even better if they’re actually equipped with the proper arch support to keep you comfortable and light on your feet throughout your flight and long days of sightseeing. However, parsing through the seemingly endless selection of sneakers available to you at Amazon is no small task, so we found one pair that stands out from the rest as a travel staple.

With a breathable, sock-like feel, and a memory foam insole that makes every step like walking on a cloud, the HKR Women’s Walking Shoes are now on sale at Amazon for a jaw-dropping 67 percent off. From healthcare workers to frequent travelers, all walks of life have given these shoes a stamp of approval for everyday wear.


To buy:, $27 (originally $80)

These supportive, easy-to-slip-on shoes are about to become your most worn sneakers this summer, taking you from busy days spent sightseeing to hanging out in the airport waiting for your flight. The upper of this shoe is composed of a breathable, stretchy fabric that keeps your feet cool on even the warmest days, and the slip-on design makes it easier than ever to take your shoes off quickly when you’re hurrying through TSA. 

When you’re selecting the shoes you’re bringing along for your travels, it’s essential to focus on comfort over everything, and these sneakers deliver on their promise. In fact, they even feature an arch support insole as well as memory foam padding that helps to evenly distribute your weight, effectively reducing heel pain while you walk. They’re even designed with a durable rubber sole that provides superior traction so you can always keep your balance, whether or not you’re strolling along uneven surfaces. Plus, they come in women’s sizes ranging from 5.5 to 10.5, as well as a 20-color range.


To buy:, $27 (originally $80)

If the specs aren’t enough to sell you, perhaps the 22,000 shoppers who awarded this shoe with a five-star rating will do the trick. One customer dubbed them the “perfect shoes for travel,” explaining that they wore them on a “recent trip to Africa” and found them to be “very breathable in [the] hot climate.” They even shared that this purchase ended up being “the most comfortable sneakers,” while revealing that they were “very supportive” shoes.

Active vacations may call for long hours on your feet, but take it from this shopper who noted that they “walked forever when traveling” in these shoes and they were “fantastic.” They also called them “easy on [and] off,” so if you’re running late to your flight and hurrying through TSA, stopping to tie your shoelaces is one less thing to worry about. And even if you’re simply spending long days on your feet for work, these shoes have proven to be a worthy addition to your wardrobe. One healthcare worker even wrote that the “first day” they wore these shoes, they “noticed a difference” in how their feet felt at the end of a shift.


To buy:, $28 (originally $38)

You’ll never regret prioritizing comfort while you’re traveling, especially if you’re focused on actually enjoying the activities you have planned rather than suffering from blisters and leg pain. Thankfully, the HKR Women’s Walking Shoes are prepared to support you throughout walking tours, shopping days, and beyond — and they’re currently on sale for up to 67 percent off at Amazon. Whether you’re gearing up for vacation or simply looking for a pair of shoes that allow you to seize the day, you no longer have to break the bank to find them.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $27. 

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