These Compression Packing Cubes Are a Game-changer


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When I had a major case of the travel bug in 2016, I bought a one-way ticket to Croatia and lugged not one but three suitcases along for the journey — one so large I now marvel at how it was even allowed on an airplane. And when I’d unzip that behemoth, 50 percent of my earthly belongings would come flying out like Pandora’s box. Eventually I learned to pack light(er), but the real game-changer for this maximalist has been organization. The method to my madness? Compression packing cubes — a hack even Rick Steves himself has recommended to Travel + Leisure readers.

Bagail Compression Packing Cubes have completely taken the stress out of packing for me, but they aren’t my little secret; they’re an Amazon sensation. For almost 10,000 shoppers who gave these little wonders a five-star rating, the secret’s been out, and it’s not going back in. I have two sets of four (they come in sets of five or six, too), each in varying sizes, and I can fit about a three-week wardrobe inside, including bulkier things like a jacket and sweaters. They all line up neatly beside and on top of each other, so nothing inside my suitcases gets knocked around. And unpacking is so fast because everything is folded already.


To buy:, $27 for a set of four (originally $30)

Compression cubes have come a long way. It used to be that you’d need a vacuum in order to suck out all the air and compress everything. But Bagail compression packing cubes — which are more like bags, actually — have an extra zipper in the middle, so after you’ve packed everything inside and zipped them up top, you then press the contents down and zip up the second zipper, manually compressing everything inside so the entire cube is just four inches high — no vacuum required. You’re not supposed to pack each cube beyond two-thirds capacity, but of course I do, and even then the zipper-compression technology creates a shrunken-down package that saves space in my suitcase.

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These organizational wonders help me separate everything out, too. I put undergarments and swimsuits in the smallest 11-inch by 6.5-inch cube. The next size up (13.75 inches by 9.75 inches) holds my neatly folded T-shirts, tank tops, and shorts. The third size at 13.75 by 12.75 inches contains things like leggings, jeans, button-down tops, and dresses. And the largest cubes, 17.5 inches by 12.75 inches, are reserved for heavier things like sweaters, light jackets, and my Turkish towel that I never leave home without. I love to stack the cubes and squeeze them in next to each other — it’s so simple versus the way I used to roll everything Kon Mari-style, and nothing gets too wrinkled because they’re packed so tight. Plus, I can shove my shoes between the Bagail compression packing cubes without having to worry about them soiling anything!


To buy:, $27 for a set of four

And then there’s the material. You can tell by just touching Bagail compression packing cubes that they’re impenetrable. And it’s true: They’re made of a rip-resistant, water-resistant nylon that I know will protect my clothes from the rogue toiletry explosion (I pack all my toiletries inside water-resistant pouches too, but you never know). They come in 23 color options; I have them in burgundy and navy blue. I even used one as a makeshift laptop case when mine had gone missing one day: It was the perfect size! And though it wasn’t padded, it gave me peace of mind just in case I got caught in the rain. When you travel frequently, you have to think on your feet!

But remember those nearly 10,000 happy Amazon reviewers? Yep, they’re forever changed by the simple genius of Bagail Compression Packing cubes too. “I was late to the packing cube party, but I’ve been using them for a while now and love how organized it makes my luggage and it’s easier to pack and unpack,” one enamored shopper wrote. “So far, they’re fantastic”  Another traveler raved, “I had a two-week European trip planned involving three locations. Knowing rental cars would be small, I needed to pack smart, and light. I used the two larger cubes and managed to pack all I needed.” 


To buy:, $27 for a set of four

Some Amazon shoppers are shocked at how much these compression cubes can hold — and I have to admit, it is eye-opening. Others are just so pleased with being able to organize their luggage. But yet another pointed out that Bagail compression cubes are great for short trips when you’re living out of your suitcase, too. “My trip consisted of 3 different stops over the course of a couple of weeks so I wasn’t able to really unpack,” one fan wrote. “What I liked was I knew where everything was and if I needed to get something out of the bottom of my suitcase it was easy. I was able to pull these out easily and put them back in when finished without having to dig through clothes.”

And if you’re not planning on unpacking, you might as well go for transparent Bagail compression packing cubes — you can see everything inside without zipping them! Although I have to admit the next set I pick up will be these adorable flamingo-print ones. In fact, maybe a trip to Aruba is in order to match! Trust me, these packing cubes are a game-changer — you’ll definitely want to pick up one a set of four at Amazon for just $27 before your next trip.


To buy:, $27 for a set of four

At the time of publishing, the price started at $27. 

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