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Love them or hate them, Crocs are back. The iconic, marshmallowy shoes are taking over with more than 8.5 billion views on TikTok, and even celebrities like Amanda Seyfried, Emmy Rossum, and Justin Beiber sporting them out in public. Whether worn ironically or unabashedly, there’s just no denying how wildly comfortable they are, with nurses and travelers alike attesting to their all-day, pillowy support. 

After trying out the Crocs Unisex Adult Clogs, this travel editor is finally ready to admit she’s on board. I am swallowing my pride and shouting it from the rooftops, and I don’t care who hears it — I’m convinced Crocs are actually dream shoes for summer travel since they’re easy to slip on and off, lightweight, breathable, waterproof — and practically indestructible. And I may just dip my toes further into the Crocs pool since Amazon is having a secret sale with prices up to 48 percent off.


To buy:, $42 (originally $50)

For me, it started as a joke. I bought a pair for my fiancé to wear as part of a costume — the theme was Met Gala, “camp” edition. To be honest, I’d always thought these shoes were loveably ugly, cringeworthy even, and knew they were the ones for the job. But it went a way I never expected. All night at that party, he just kept saying how comfortable his feet were. I thought about how my mom, a night-shift nurse who works 12-hour shifts, also swears by them. 

I made a plan to try them on later when we got home, and bam — there was no going back from that oh-so-cushy rubbery sole (ethylene vinyl acetate, I learned). I took to Amazon to buy myself a pair — just to see how they really hold up, I told myself. Turns out they have more than 388,900 five-star ratings, and I knew all those fans couldn’t be wrong.


To buy:, $30 (originally $50)

I started with a safe choice and got classic black, though the unisex style comes in women’s 4-19 and men’s 2-17 and a range of colors from summer-ready neon watermelon to Arctic blue to neutral bone and navy that would go with everything in my travel wardrobe. 

I slowly started wearing them more and more, out of convenience, I told myself. (That’s how it starts for so many people, according to so many TikToks I’ve seen). I started wearing them to get the mail — so cushy, so convenient. 

Then, I started getting bold: wearing them to the park, then to a pool since they’re waterproof. Now, I wear them down the streets of Boston and I just don’t care who sees me. They’ve become a sort of guilty pleasure, like reality TV.

Last week, I confess that I wore them while walking my dog, and I passed another semi-young professional wearing her Crocs. After a moment of instant recognition, we nodded to one another, a sort of unspoken Crocs bond. 


To buy:, $29 (originally $50)

Since I got them a year ago, these shoes even made their way halfway across the country with me on a trip to Florida. What can I say? They’re so lightweight at just 9.6 ounces, that they just make sense to pack. I took them to the beach and wore them to Publix — it was the land of Crocs, so I was in good company, let me tell you. That whole trip, I appreciated their ventilation on hot days (not that I wouldn’t wear these with socks in the fall, too).

When I finally admitted to my newfound love for Crocs to my co-workers, other editors I know started coming out of the woodwork. They love Crocs too. They wear them ironically around New York City as a badge of honor — the louder the color, like tie-dye, the better.


To buy:, $26 (originally $50)

But nurses also swear by these shoes for serious comfort that lasts through long shifts, and they’re taking to Amazon to share their love for the No. 1 best-sellers. One nurse who dubbed them a “nurse’s dream” said they’d tried every brand but “nothing spares my legs and feet the way that Crocs do. 13-plus hours on my feet and they don’t throb or hurt the way they do in every other footwear.” Another nurse said for their 12-hour shifts, “So far [this] has been the most comfortable and lasting shoe. I’m even pregnant and have had back pain from lack of support from other shoes, but not with these.”

And travelers are taking note too, saying they’re consistently comfy. “I wore a pair on a trip to Europe (with numerous walking tours), and I felt zero discomfort.” Another called them the “ideal shoe for lakes and pools.” 

Whatever the reason Crocs are back, I’m here for it. I will wear them to the beach, out on the town, and wherever my travels take me. Who knows? Maybe I’ll even get some of those Jibbetz charms to trick them out — or order these absolutely legendary Margaritaville clogs — which could be on-brand for island vacations or bachelorette parties. There’s no going back now. 

If you’re secretly into Crocs as much as I am, read on for more summer styles, from flip-flops to trendy platform sandals, that are so comfy you’ll be wearing them all across the globe. I’ll certainly be adding a few of these to my cart.

More Crocs on Sale at Amazon:

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To buy:, $33 (originally $65)

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To buy:, $32 (originally $40)

Crocs Women’s Classic Platform Flip-Flops


To buy:, $32 (originally $35)

Crocs Women’s Brooklyn Low Wedges


To buy:, $54 (originally $55)

Crocs Unisex Adult Glitter Clogs 


To buy:, $42 (originally $55)

Crocs Unisex Adult Two-strap Slide Sandals


To buy:, $35 (originally $40)

At the time of publishing, the price started at $26. 

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