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Spring in Maine may be wet and muddy, but there’s something magical about getting outside when everything is beginning to emerge from bare branches and thawing grounds.

If there is one thing I’ve learned from living with four seasons for the majority of my life, it’s the importance of being equipped for the various elements, rather than going into my own hibernation of sorts. No matter the time of year or weather, I’ve found having the right footwear is a sure way to staying comfortable and dry.

To gear up for spring hikes in Maine, I was curious to see if the Adidas shoe finder would bring the right pair to my doorstep and was surprised when my top match was the Adidas Solar Control Running shoes. Right away, I loved learning that the sneakers are made partly from recycled materials. And right now, they’re 50 percent off in select colors.


To buy:, $65 (originally $130)

The first time I put the sneakers to the test was on a geocaching adventure with my kids, where we traipsed through saturated trails with spongy grass, leaping from rock to rock at times to avoid shin-deep puddles. The rubber outsole of my Adidas sneakers helped keep my feet dry with just slight moisture in the toe area, but these are technically running shoes, with no advertisement of being water-resistant, so I didn’t have any expectations here.

But the sneakers are designed with LEP 2.0 technology, which provides extra stability, something I was thankful for as I bounced around various terrains. The Solar Control is also equipped with “Boost” cushioning, a feature that ensures extra comfort, and a detail I always look for no matter the season or activity. After several hours of searching for treasures, I thought I may pay the price for wearing new shoes for so long without breaking them in — but my feet felt great. 

Beyond adventuring with my kids, I’ve also put several miles on the sneakers both walking and running along paved roads, gravel paths, and the treadmill. The shoes checked out across all activities, helping me feel light on my feet and without any soreness by day’s end. 


To buy:, $91 (originally $130)

According to shopper reviews, I’m not alone in my praise. One called the shoe “stable and comfortable” without being “heavy and bulky.” Another said these were the “most comfortable trainers” they’ve had with “great support” on the heels. A third wrote they receive “many compliments.”

Trust me, the Adidas Solar Control Running Shoes will be the only sneaker you need for any activity you may have coming up this summer. Even though they’re not advertised as hiking shoes, these comfortable sneakers will take you across all kinds of terrain, wet or dry — and for 50 percent off, they’re a no-brainer.

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