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As a travel writer, I find myself flying at least twice a month, usually with my service dog, Poppy, in tow. Flying has always been my least favorite part of travel writing as it triggers panic attacks, which my service dog is trained to detect and assist with. So, when I fly, I try to make my life as stress-free as possible, starting with dressing properly to clear TSA checkpoints with ease. And, one thing that I never travel without is my trusty pair of Kizik Lima Slip-On Sneakers. 

Ever since I discovered these hands-free, slip-on sneakers, I won’t fly in anything else. They are literally my favorite travel hack in the world. Thanks to a patented heel rebound technology, you can pop the Kizik Lima Sneakers on and off your foot without ever using your hands when going through airport security. This is especially useful when as someone that’s oftentimes juggling a dog leash in one hand and a laptop in the other.  


To buy: and, $109

Most recently, they provided lasting comfort and support for a mom-and-pup spring break trip to Aruba. Poppy and I jetted from our home in Denver to the super dog-friendly Ritz-Carlton, Aruba, which has pup-pampering amenities such beachfront cabanas for pooches and in-room doggy dining, plus plenty of restaurant patios and poolside chairs that welcome fur kids. And, for the flight, I wore the exact same airport outfit I usually do: leggings with pockets, a comfy tank, a light jacket, and Kizik sneakers.

As you could probably imagine, getting to Aruba from Denver is not an easy trip. My route began with me taking a red-eye flight to Newark, which was followed by me sitting in the airport with a five-hour layover. Then, I boarded another near-five-hour flight to reach “One Happy Island.” Even during such a busy travel day, my feet were never uncomfortable; and you can bet I was grateful for the ability to slide the Kizik shoes on and off my feet on the plane without having to reach down and struggle with pull tabs or tying laces.  

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Besides their impressive functionality, another reason that the Kizik Lima Slip-On Sneakers come everywhere with me is because they perform well for a variety of activities, meaning I can just pack one pair of sneakers when going on a trip. Whether you are using them for exploring cities on foot or walking, running, and hiking on rough terrain, their cushioned footbeds, breezy mesh panels, and anti-slip rubber outsoles are ready for whatever is on your itinerary (I also have slightly wide feet, so I like the roomy fit in the toe box). They are also stylish enough to wear around a glam hotel like the Ritz and look like they cost a lot more than their $109 price point.

And, it’s also worth noting that the Kizik Lima Slip-On Sneakers are available in 12 colors, featuring a fun mix of neutral options like black, gray, white, and brown as well as bold hues such as pink, burgundy, mint green, and orange. They also come in both women’s and men’s sizing, ranging from 6 to 13 for women and 6 to 15 for men; half sizes are included. 


To buy: and, $109

Another fun fact: I have two pairs of Kizik shoes that I’ve worn to four different continents: the Lima slip-ons in the color fawn (a dusty pink) and the athletic-inspired Athens Sneakers in black (they have the same rebounding heel for hands-free slipping on and off, and they’re designed with a slight lift to put a springy pep in your step). 

Travel + Leisure / Becca Blond

Before my Aruba trip, I put my Kizik Athens Sneakers to the test when I wore them to the Rhino Charge off-road race competition in Kenya. Since I was a member of the media covering the Rhino Charge (the event is also open to spectators and is a fun three-day camping extravaganza), I was walking a lot of steep and rocky ground; watching vehicles climbing over huge boulders or winching out of steep, muddy ravines. But, I had no trouble scrambling up to these checkpoints or moving fast to get out of the way of an oncoming race car in these sneakers. And, at the end of the day, when I headed back to camp, my feet and legs were not sore.


To buy: and, $129

As a matter of fact, I’m not the only one who considers Kiziks to be great travel shoes. Earning a near-perfect 4.9-star average rating from 1,645 reviewers on their website, the Lima Slip-on Sneakers are popular with plenty of commuters and adventurers. One Kizik shopper had this to say: “I’m obsessed with these shoes. They work exactly as they should, fit true to size, and are so comfortable. I live in a city and don’t have a car, so I walk a lot and these never hurt my feet. I love the convenience of being able to slide them on and off.” 

Chiming in, another reviewer wrote, “I traveled extensively this past month and used my Kiziks all of the time; in the desert, on the beach, everywhere! I loved them, especially the ease of slipping them on and off and the comfort.” And, a final customer dubbed them the “best sneakers for traveling on planes,” and highlighted that the “size is perfect and great for wide feet.” 

Travel + Leisure / Becca Blond

If you are looking for a versatile sneaker to pack on upcoming trips, I seriously can’t recommend the Kizik Lima Slip-On Sneakers enough. The ability to slide in and out of a pair of performance sneakers is a serious game-changer, whether you are clearing airport security, making the split decision to go running into the ocean in Aruba, or simply just want to kick off your shoes without bending over after a long day. Grab a pair at Amazon or Kizik before your next trip so you can experience their comfort for yourself. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $109. 

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