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No matter how busy my day gets, I always make an effort to stay active, and for me, that involves long walks, usually around the five-mile mark. Whether I’m casually strolling a beach boardwalk in a coastal town, taking in the sights at a city museum, or climbing stairs in lieu of taking the hotel elevator, I strive to hit five-digit step count numbers on the daily. 

As one might guess, comfy footwear is key for my lifestyle, and I’ve searched high and low for a foolproof pair of sneakers that look good — and feel even better. As for style, I have a strong preference for all-white shoes as they tend to look crisp and clean when paired with any number of casual outfits; and when it comes to design, I think the sleeker the silhouette, the better.  

While I’ve tried dozens of popular brands over the years, I’ve come up short on most options for various reasons. Some are stylish yet not at all supportive, while others deliver on comfort, but look unsightly when I’m posing for travel photos on the go. That is, until I discovered the Vionic Zeliya Walking Shoe — a classic-looking white sneaker that checks off all the boxes. 


To buy: and, from $96 (originally $100)

If the brand sounds familiar, it’s because it’s beloved by Oprah and podiatrists alike. Vionic shoes provide what the brand’s trademarked Three-zone Comfort in every style, featuring ultimate orthotic insole with arch support, cushioning, and stability to help support natural alignment from the ground up, so it’s no wonder these sneakers really hug the foot and feel heavenly for hours on end. 

The Vionic Zeliya Walking Shoes pair perfectly with any number of workout outfits (from trendy tennis skirts and dresses to loose-fitting joggers and the like) and look fresh and fashionable when I’m on the move. Best of all, these elegant yet sporty walking shoes feature an already-laced-up design that’s easy to slip on and off thanks to handy pull loops on both the tongue and the back; and I’d be remiss to say that the thick foam midsole provides an almost cloud-like cushion that can’t be beat. 

Travel + Leisure / Rachel Richardson

I’ve worn my Vionics all around the world, and the quality is unmatched. While most sneakers tend to wear down and rub against my heels, these trusty shoes only show me (and my overtired feet) love. I’ve never gotten a blister from this style, which is impressive considering how many hours I wear them from day to night. 

If white sneakers aren’t your thing, Vionic makes this exact style in gray, black, and a cool colorblock navy option, too in women’s sizes 5-12 including wide sizing; and if I were you, I’d stock up on the brand’s other walkable sandals, stylish heels, and snazzy flats too to last you all season long.


To buy: and, from $92 (originally $100)

And other travelers swear by this style, too. One five-star reviewer at Amazon said, “I have found these to be the most helpful with my heel pain and plantar fasciitis” while another who called them excellent for their “problem feet” said “I had no problems with my feet after very long days. And the fact that these are so lightweight makes them excellent for travel.”

There you have it: the Vionic Zeliya Walking Shoe is one style that Oprah, podiatrists, shoppers, and I can all agree on for long travel days. If these comfy white sneakers can take me 10,000+ steps per day, I’m confident they can do the same for you.


To buy: and, from $96

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