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Summer is finally here, meaning it’s time for multiple theme park visits, hikes in the great outdoors, and long days spent sightseeing. For those long full days on our feet, it’s imperative to make sure we have all the necessities on hand: water, snacks, wallet, phone, sanitizing wipes, and then some. Even more so if you’re traveling with kids. Luckily, I’ve recently discovered a versatile new bag that not only stows all my stuff and doesn’t sacrifice my back in the process: the Calpak Terra Sling Bag.


To buy:, $68

According to the brand, the sustainable bag is made of water-resistant ripstop polyester from 11 recycled plastic bottles, which is pretty cool if you ask me. The unisex design and adjustable nylon strap also means it can easily be worn by multiple people in the same household, making the bag ideal for swapping between myself and my partner who’s an entire foot taller. 

The Terra Sling Bag is definitely larger than your average sling bag, but smaller than a traditional backpack. I recently took the bag on a trip to Disneyland and was super impressed at how much it held: two water bottles, sunscreen, my wallet, phone, snack bars, a small pack of wipes and some other small miscellaneous items — and there was still room to add more. What was more noteworthy is that my back didn’t feel sore at all during the 12-hour day, as it often does with a backpack in the same scenario. 

I loved that I could easily turn it to the front to make grabbing things I needed from there a breeze while remaining hands-free. It can also be worn as a traditional fanny pack, although I personally have yet to utilize it like that. Another major plus? There are multiple interior pockets to make organizing items a breeze and two exterior pockets to stash things you want to quickly access like a phone or charger. This was far more efficient than my traditional belt bag which has me constantly digging through looking for that one tiny thing. 


To buy:, $68

I’ve also worn the bag hiking and loved how the comfy padded backside of the bag didn’t make my back feel hot and sweaty like other bags I’ve tried. Another reviewer called the Terra Sling Bag “utterly perfect for a day of hiking” with their toddler, and revealed that they were able to stash “sunscreen, bug spray, a mini first aid kit, an extra pair of shorts, a sun hat, snacks, and a polo rips camera” in addition to their phone and keys.

Judging by all the rave reviews left on the site, I’m clearly not the only fan of the Calpak Terra Sling Bag. A fellow parent raved, “I can’t get over how amazing this bag is! I didn’t take it off for an entire week through airports, Disney World, and Universal… and this thing can hold a ton.” 

Several shoppers praised it for how “comfortable” it was and many mentioned how ideal it was for travel — whether as a personal item for the airplane or as a daypack alternative for a long day of sightseeing. “Awesome for day trips where you want to be hands-free but still want all your necessities with you,” wrote one reviewer. The bag is also perfect for travel during the rainy season or to tropical climates due to its water-resistant nature. One person shared that they “wore it in heavy downpours with no umbrella and everything inside stayed dry.” 

All I know is this jack-of-all-trades Calpak Terra Sling Bag is one that’ll definitely be coming with me on all future trips near and far. 

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