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While the excitement of an impending trip may get you through the airport without a concern, settling into your airplane seat on the flight can make you realize just how uncomfortable the hours ahead may be. Especially if you’re hoping to catch some shut-eye during your flight, it’s essential that you come prepared with the gear needed to make your trip more relaxing — and a neck pillow is one of the best ways to do that.

If you don’t want to trek through the airport with a bulky travel pillow around your neck but still hope to rest on your flight, the Sunany Inflatable Neck Pillow is the perfect choice for saving space without sacrificing comfort. An added bonus? It’s on sale for just $20 at Amazon right now.


To buy:, $20 (originally $30)

Traveling with limited space but still aiming to enjoy the luxury of a neck pillow means that this inflatable design is the best hack that will leave you the most prepared person on your flight. The ultra-comfortable, H-shaped pillow is made with a high-quality velvet material and is easily inflated to support your head and neck during travel, so you can be held up from all sides without dealing with the bulk of a traditional neck pillow after you deplane.

In fact, the pillow — from the brand behind TikTok’s latest travel hack — is so quick to inflate that it can be blown up in just three seconds. And it maintains a firm shape with the patented valve that traps air without leakage, so you can actually get restful sleep on the plane. However, when you’re finished with your flight, the pillow is also smoothly deflated and can be tucked into the accompanying waterproof drawstring bag for easy access during your return flight. It even comes with a soft strap at the front of the pillow that helps to keep your head in place so you never have to worry about waking up with neck pain once you land.


To buy:, $20 (originally $30)

Not sold on the concept of an inflatable travel pillow? Take it from one shopper who dubbed this product the “best of the best,” raving that they have “tried them all” and this pillow is superior because it only takes “three small breaths” to blow it up and it’s also the “most comfortable pillow ever.” Another reviewer concurred, noting that they bought this product for a recent trip to Italy, and with it they “slept better” than they “ever have on a flight.” They also added that the design was effective because their head “didn’t seem to fall forward” while they slept.

Minimalist shoppers are also impressed with this pillow, with one person noting that they can finally do away with “bulky pillows” because this option has “wowed” them with how easy it is to inflate and deflate. And yet another reviewer added that they took this pillow with them on a 15-hour flight to Sri Lanka, and the trip was “way more relaxing due to this pillow.” They even added that it worked as a “great arm rest,” and was a “game-changer” for their travels.


To buy:, $21 (originally $30)

A good neck pillow can truly transform your flight experience, but if you’re tired of walking around the airport with no space to pack it before your trip, the Sunany Inflatable Neck Pillow is the compact solution you’ve been searching for. Slim enough to fit into your suitcase when deflated, and easily inflated for use on your flight, this supportive, luxurious pillow is a must-have for your next vacation — and now is the best time to grab it while it’s on sale for just $20 at Amazon.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $20. 

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