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A vacation should include a whole lot of nothing. No work, no worries, and if you’re really leaning into the “nothing” vibe, no leaving your room. After all, everything you need can be delivered right to you. And according to, a whole lot of travelers are taking advantage of that. shared its inaugural Room Service Report, which dug deep into room service demand, trends, and even the oddest orders hotels have seen. (A key finding: 45 percent of hotels surveyed said the amenity is increasing in popularity.)

According to the report, burgers came in as the most popular room service menu order in the U.S. (and across the globe) ahead of other favorites like pizza, club sandwiches, tacos, and French fries. Keeping it simple is the key for room service items, as 43 percent of U.S. hotels surveyed said, “Guests prefer more casual cuisine behind closed doors, à la burgers in bed.” 

But just because people are ordering low-key food doesn’t mean they aren’t going all out. The report stated that 27 percent of U.S. hotels surveyed said their guests spend, on average, more than $100 for room service.

However, not every guest is interested in what’s on the menu. As part of the report, hotels revealed guests have attempted to order everything from “diet water” to bowls of melted ice cream, boiled bottled water, and even an entire blowfish. 

And while we tend to think of room service as merely food, also shared a few properties that offer a little something extra in-suite, including The Milestone Hotels and Residences in London, which offers an in-room concert from the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; the Il Salviatino in Florence, which offers guests a bath filled with prosecco, spumante, or Champagne; and Ashford Castle in Ireland, which comes with a “Lego butler” who will pick out a selection of sets and deliver it right to your room. 

So, go ahead, pick up the phone and stay in your cozy bathrobe under your warm sheets. Just maybe leave the rare aquatic life off your order. 

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