This New Tool Helps Long-distance Couples Find the Cheapest Places to Meet

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Spending months away from the person you love can be emotionally taxing, especially when holidays like Valentine’s Day roll around.

That’s why search engine Kayak is releasing a new tool designed to help those separated from their loved ones find the most affordable ways to travel with one another, no matter what time of the year it is.

With Kayak’s new Rendezvous tool, those in long-distance relationships can see what the cheapest travel destinations are to meet at based on the cost of flights from each of their points of departure.

All users need to do is enter the two home cities they’ll be flying from and the dates of interest, and Rendezvous will suggest the most cost-efficient destinations to consider.

The tool looks at prices found in the last 48 hours to offer a comprehensive breakdown of several destinations that fit the bill, based on the predicted total cost of flights.

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Once a user sees a destination of interest, they can easily search for their own flights, or flights for their traveling partner, making it easy to book trips not only between long distance couples, but also for anyone who has friends and family that live in a different location.

To give an example, a current search on Rendezvous for one person from New York City trying to meet another who lives in Austin shows Fort Lauderdale as the cheapest destination, with a combined price of $217 for both flights. Results will of course fluctuate depending on the time of the search, but the tool is another way the search engine is making it simpler for those looking to plan trips with others to find options that are desirable and affordable.

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