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If you’re an adventurous traveler, you’re likely looking forward to the wide array of activities that summertime vacations have to offer. At the top of this list? Snorkeling. But especially in a post-Covid era when our awareness of health is at an all-time high, it’s certainly not preferable to rent a snorkeling set that has already been used by travelers in the past. Plus, you don’t want to waste precious vacation time hunting down where you can purchase a snorkel set ahead of your beach day.

Once again, Amazon has come to the rescue with the perfect, packable solution: the Zeeporte Snorkel Set. Currently on sale for 39 percent off at Amazon, this lightweight kit will allow for summer after summer of fun — without ever having to share your mask with strangers. 


To buy:, $35 (originally $57)

Snorkeling is an incredible summertime activity, and if you’re looking to explore the depths of your seaside vacation, this packable set is the perfect addition to your suitcase. Complete with two adjustable fins, a tempered glass mask, a silicone snorkel, and a compact mesh bag, this set contains everything you need to get the best views under the sea at an affordable price. The goggles are designed to provide 180 degree vision, and are fitted with a high-quality silicone skirt that won’t let a drop of water seep through.

An adjustable silicone strap affixed to the mask makes this set accessible for all members of the family to use, and a dry-top valve on the snorkel itself seals the breathing tube while you’re submerged, so you’ll never have to worry about choking on water. The flexible, adjustable fins are surprisingly lightweight while still allowing you to enjoy a more powerful kick, and they’re even fitted with drain holes so you’re not weighed down by the water.


To buy:, $35 (originally $57)

This set has earned the title of “Amazon’s Choice,” with more than 5,100 happy customers awarding it with a five-star rating. In fact, one shopper raved that the entire kit was a “great size to pack for a trip,” noting that it’s “small enough to slide easily in my backpack,” and touting the “nice mesh bag” as a selling point for travel compatibility. Another customer confirmed that the set “worked beautifully” on their trip to St. John, explaining that the mask had “great suction” and the fins were made with a “wide toe box” that was both “efficient and comfortable.”

Since the only sizing options are S/M and L/XL, the adjustability of the fins and mask are a selling point for many shoppers. One person noted that the “soft silicone” of the set was “very comfortable” to wear, and while they typically wear a size 9W shoe, they purchased a medium in the fins, while their husband wears a size 12 and “used a large.” And yet another shopper referred to the set as a “must-have” during their recent vacation, explaining that they “used it every day” with “no rubbing or discomfort.” They even shared that it “dried fast,” if you’re in a rush to leave the beach.


To buy:, $35 (originally $57)

It’s never preferable to use a snorkeling set that has been passed around a resort (even if it has been cleaned), so if you have plans of heading out to sea this summer, the Zeeporte Snorkel Set is the one addition you’re going to want to make into your carry-on. Currently on sale for just $35 and available in nine fun colors, this compact kit will open your eyes to the beauty of the ocean below without taking up excess space in your suitcase. 

At the time of publishing, the price started at $35. 

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