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The idea behind going on vacation is that on top of exploring a new destination, you’re also able to finally catch up on the sleep you’ve been missing in your day-to-day life. However, if you struggle with getting comfortable in unfamiliar places, this may be far from your reality. Thankfully, one TikTok influencer recently took to the app to reveal their favorite hacks for a smoother, more relaxing travel experience, and there was one product that stood out above the rest for a better night’s sleep: the Babelio Mini White Noise Machine.

For just $19, this compact, packable device is the one thing you’re not going to want to travel without moving forward, so you can fall asleep to the sounds of a soothing oceanside escape, rather than your hotel neighbor’s snoring. The best part? It barely takes up any space in your suitcase.


To buy:, $19

If you struggle to fall asleep in a too-quiet hotel room while you travel, this compact noise machine is the budget-friendly solution you’ve been looking for without keeping your phone running all night. The tiny machine features 15 sound options to lull you to sleep, including white, pink (ambient sounds), and lower-frequency brown noise, as well as the more traditional sounds of rain and waves. A timer option even allows you to set the machine to run for 30 and 60 minutes, but it can also run indefinitely if you need the relaxation all night long.

The sleek, compact design is easy to slip into your carry-on for quick access once you arrive at your accommodations, and you never have to worry about running out of battery as the machine is simply recharged with a Type-C charging port. Plus, three basic buttons at the base of the noise machine make it easy to operate and no-fuss for travel.


To buy:, $19

One frequent flier turned to TikTok to highlight their favorite products for travel, noting that this machine is perfect for people who “have trouble falling asleep in silence.” They even raved that the charge “lasts all night” so you’ll never wake up to the eerie silence of an empty hotel room. Another customer at Amazon agreed, adding that the machine is their “new travel companion,” because it “has a good variety of sounds and excellent sound quality and volume control.”

It’s entirely normal to have difficulty falling asleep in silence, but other shoppers are raving about this sound machine for blocking out the noises of their surroundings while they travel. One shopper explained that they “travel a lot for work” and “all of the little hotel noises that may keep me awake, disappear.” And yet another customer admitted that they’re sensitive to light while they’re falling asleep, but this sound machine is perfect because “it’s built so the light is on the bottom, so [there are] no annoying device lights on your nightstand while you try to sleep.”


To buy:, $19

Your sleep is precious, especially when you’re on vacation and potentially fighting jet lag. Therefore, any hacks you can find to make drifting off just a little bit easier may transform your vacation experience from exhausting to rejuvenating, and the Babelio Mini White Noise Machine is approved by TikTok travelers and Amazon shoppers alike. For just $19, you can put the silence (or noise) of your accommodations out of your mind and get a night of sleep that will leave you well-rested and prepared for the adventures ahead.

At the time of publishing, the price started at $19. 

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