Love Radius HOODIE Carrier

Let’s get right to it:

The Hoodie Carrier was invented, designed and manufactured by Love Radius, formerly JPMBB, so obviously it’s a natural extension of the same DNA as their other baby carriers.
Quality, reasonable price, respect for physiology and practicality – these are its built-in features.
We’re not talking about a baby carrier made out of sweatshirt material, which would not be suitable for carrying.
Let’s keep going!

Low profile

With this baby carrier, JPMBB wanted to give you a tool that blends even more subtly into the world of today’s parents, without cramping your style or imposing the childcarer look.
It may seem superficial and unnecessary, but we believe parents who feel comfortable about their appearance when they’re equipped with a (good) baby carrier are more likely to start using it. And if we can get more people to use baby carriers, they've accomplished their mission.
We think more parents out there are tempted to try it, but they’re put off by the baby carrier, which is seen as gear for beginner parents.


The price: “Keep the change”

JPMBB believes that parents today should have the choice of a PREMIUM baby carrier, but at a realistic PRICE. (Note how those two words in capitals rarely go together.) We are going against the current inflationary trend, where every new baby carrier that comes out on the market costs more than last year’s.
For the last eleven years, we’ve been helping parents discover physiological baby carrying. Now we want to help them understand what they should really be looking for in a premium/ high-quality baby carrier in terms of finishing details* and price. We see too many wildly expensive baby carriers with features and materials that simply don’t justify their cost.
*materials, padding, padding thickness, retaining system, the clips (possibility of crossing suspenders or not, raising or lowering by adjusting straps, easy tightening of the strap between the shoulder blades)


For brands to do marketing is their right and it’s even a benefit in this day and age, but parents need a good baby carrier more than they need clever marketing because marketing doesn’t help when Baby is crying and you have to take care of Baby in real life. Nothing’s wrong with marketing, but it’s a need and a choice for the companies, not for the customers/consumers. The customer shouldn’t have to pay more, it’s up to the brand to reduce its profit margin.
Unlike many of their competitors whose products are sold next to ours in the stores, they are not part of a big corporation or listed on the stock market. They’re not constantly worrying about profits to satisfy invisible shareholders, they work for us and for you.
JPMBB tries to cut out unnecessary complications that add no value to our product but tack on extra costs for the customer.

Everyone where they belong

JPMBB really wants to remind future parents and new parents that it will always be better to buy a good baby carrying wrap for the first weeks, and then a reasonably-priced baby carrier a few months later, rather than one of those miracle combinations that supposedly does everything but in the end costs more than two separate items specially designed for their purpose.
Yes, we also sell the PhysioCarrier and its booster pack for 137 euros (while other brands add a few dozen euros to the price). Yes, the PhysioCarrier and Hoodie Carrier and their accessories make it possible to carry a newborn. But we repeat what we’ve always said loud and clear, it’s better and more appropriate to use a wrap for the first weeks/months.
If you really don’t like the wrap, the Hoodie Carrier and its Booster Pack are available at the best price ($200 + $20 = $220 ).


Design: make it lighter, simpler!

Our wish with the HoodieCarrier is to simplify and remove all that we could in order to be in the purest form. If we’ve achieved our goal, it should be obvious and we don’t need to write anything in this paragraph.

So what about carrying the baby?”

You will discover, with the HoodieCarrier, a fabric never before used in our baby carriers, or anyone else’s (until they start copying, as we see now with the PhysioCarrier’s lateral adjustment straps, and as was already the case with a pathetic copy of the Original).
The fabric of the baby carrier is made of a 3D breathable all-seasons material offering a soft and slightly stretchy wrap-like feeling – OekoTex 100. Each side of the baby carrier is cotton. You’ll find a different kind of comfort than in the PhysioCarrier, for those who already know it, while the feel and the way this new fabric adapts to the contours of Baby’s body will remind you of the wrap.
Reading some of the comments, certain people seem to think the material keeps you warm. Maybe that’s because the name, HoodieCarrier, reminds you of a sweatshirt, something that keeps you warm. But, to explain, the fabric the HoodieCarrier is made out of is not particularly warm. In fact it’s finer and more breathable than the layers of the PhysioCarrier or other baby carriers on the market.
The photo below shows the HoodieCarrier and the fabric that lets air circulate (top); a popular baby carrier from a competitor (middle); and the PhysioCarrier (below).

As you can see, the fabric of the HoodieCarrier (above) is thinner, compared to the others with their layers of fabric/padding/lining.

This test will convince you: put your mouth against the baby carrier and blow, and see how much easier it is for air to get through than with the PhysioCarrier and other available baby carriers.

It is important to note that the majority of baby carriers on the market have a pocket for stowing the headrest, which creates layers on the back of the child. There are up to 6 to 8 layers on a conventional baby carrier, depending on whether the headrest is stowed or not.




With this explanation, you won’t be afraid of being too warm with the HoodieCarrier.





Oeko-Tex-100 fabric
From 3.5kg to 20kg (with Extension Pack)
From 5kg to 20kg (without Extension Pack)
Compliant with safety regulations
Cotton, elastane, polyester (not to skin contact)
No heavy metal dying.
Machine wash at 30°C, no dryer, no iron.
Made in Turkey


For pre-term, low birthweight babies and children with medical conditions, seek advice from an health professional before using this product.



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