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Who we are

Welcome and thanks for clicking on About Us. I am a Canadian web based business in Toronto,ON. 

After the birth of my son my love for leather bags, make up, boots and high fashion switched to baby carriers, cloth diapers, eco and organic skincare and the best products I could get for my baby.
Babywearing changed my life in the big city where public transport is not always easy with a stroller.
Wearing my son in a sling or soft structured carrier made life a lot easier as I could get around a lot better and not have to avoid rush hour on the subway, I also had a happier baby and it was like magic whenever I had him on me he'd be asleep within 20 minutes!

I thorougly research the products I carry and offer the best in skin care and baby carriers for you and your family.  We are an email if you have any questions.

Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to doing business with you and making your life easier with offering the best products and the best quality for your family!

What we buy:

Everything Mom and Baby strives to provide safe, natural & organic products for families. When selecting products I first look locally, provincially before looking over seas and to the USA. 


Skin care products must not contain parabens or other known estrogen-mimicking chemicals. All skin care products should contain ingredients generally regarded as safe and you can see in my skincare section their EWG ratings(if they are registered with EWG) and a link to the Cosmetic Data base showing you exactly what is in the product, toxicity and ingredient explanation.

Baby Carriers

All baby carrier manufacturers are required to carry liability insurance.

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